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Watch Bella Poarch Get Pretty In Pink For Her NYLON Manila Cover Shoot

Bella Poarch is blooming.

As the cover star for NYLON Manila’s first-anniversary issue, Bella Poarch channels her inner pastel goddess in this video series.

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Whenever someone gets famous over the internet, the usual consensus is that the person is not-so talented or just riding on shallow trends to get clout. This criticism is something Bella Poarch is well aware of and has experienced herself. After all, her claim to fame are viral TikTok videos that for some are just shallow forms of entertainment without anything meaningful to add to the conversation.

But ever since her rise in fame, especially during the past year, Bella Poarch has proven that she is so much more than just an internet celebrity. She has a killer sense of style, an exceptional singing voice, and has real potential to do well in the music industry. Bella Poarch is a multi-faceted and talented person with a story to tell, as seen in her cover story for NYLON Manila.


Speaking of NYLON Manila, as we celebrate our first anniversary this November, we decided to highlight Bella because she is one of the fastest-rising international Filipino celebrities right now and an influential voice in the new generation. And it’s clear that she more than understood the assignment. Bella’s cover and photoshoot charmed many with its gorgeous aesthetics. Decked out in pink and other bold colors, as well as real flower petals in her eyes, she slayed her shoot.

Want to know how it all went down? Then watch these videos documenting how the shoot came to be. Catch the behind-the-scenes video and fashion film shot by LA-based Filipino creative, Francisgum. And as a special treat, we included original music for the fashion film created by 7640, Bret Jackson’s music and video production company. So, get ready to be treated to Bella’s visuals and a PinkPanthress-type beat to accompany it. You don’t want to miss this.

Check out the videos below and don’t forget to subscribe to NYLON Manila’s YouTube Channel.



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