Voltes V: Legacy Is The First Asian Show To Get A Panel At San Diego Comic-Con

Voltes goes to Southern California.

The cast and crew of Voltes V: Legacy is set to volt in at SDCC later this month with their historic presence at the convention.

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Ask your pop culture-obsessed friend what keeps them up these days, they might tell you about the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con. The convention, which brings over 160,000 thousand fans from around the world every year for one of the biggest weekends of pop culture madness, is fast approaching this July 20. And as of late, SDCC has been making noise for those who (and who aren’t) making appearances at the convention, with both Marvel and DC skipping the event this year. But their headline-making absence hides the fact that this year’s SDCC is set to have a historic appearance courtesy of the Voltes V: Legacy team.


Voltes V: Legacy San Diego Comic-Con

During ToyCon’s 20th edition over the weekend, director Mark Reyes and the main cast of Voltes V: Legacy, Miguel Tanfelix, Ysabel Ortega, Radson Flores, Matt Lozano, and Raphael Landicho, made an appearance at the SMX Convention Center. It was during their apperance that Reyes made the big reveal that Voltes V: Legacy is going to SDCC later this July. Entertainment Publishing Powerhouse DOGU and GMA Network are teaming up to bring the cast and crew to the globally-renowned event, marking the show’s convention debut.

“Wala pa pong Asian production na nakatapak sa San Diego Comic-Con, but Voltes V: Legacy, a Filipino [network-produced series] was invited. Coming July 19, several of the members of Voltes V will be representing the Philippines – not just GMA Network – at San Diego Comic-Con,” shared Reyes. But the show isn’t having a simple booth on the convention floor, instead, it was invited by organizers to have their own panel, the first time a Filipino production will ever have at SDCC. If that wasn’t enough, Legacy makes history as the first-ever Asian series to have a dedicated panel at San Diego Comic-Con, no big deal.


Even before it aired on local TV last May, Voltes V: Legacy was already making history left and right. The ambitious live-action adaptation of the beloved anime was a production the local entertainment industry hasn’t seen up to that point. Sets, costumes, VFX, and more were built from the ground up with local talent and proved that, with the proper time and resources, Philippine TV can do more than just the typical teleserye. From its thrilling action, grand scale, and competent Filipino-made CGI courtesy of local post-production house Riot Inc., Legacy was received positively by fans, both in and outside the country.

Voltes V: Legacy San Diego Comic-Con

And now, the show is carrying the Philippine flag as it stands side-by-side with major Hollywood productions at SDCC later this month. As one of the most attended conventions in the world, Comic-Con can give Legacy exposure to a wider audience and further promote Filipino content and talent on a global scale. The show is really taking its trailblazer status to the next level.

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