VICTON Introduced An Environmentally Conscious Way To Buy Albums And Photocards

Staning while helping the environment.

With VICTON’s latest offering, the K-pop boy group has shown us what an environmentally friendly future would look like for buying albums.

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No K-pop experience is complete without purchasing an album and a photocard. The culture of buying and collecting albums and photocards has ingrained itself deeply amongst fans, which comes with the exhilaration of unpacking the album and hoping that the photocard you pull is that of your bias. People have spent thousands, if not more, just to acquire the whole collections or their fave photocard.

But this kind of culture can also be detrimental to the environment, not to mention the carbon footprint it leaves behind. Having to purchase sometimes boxed worth of albums just to get all the photocards and have the albums just linger can admittedly be a waste. This is why K-pop boy group VICTON’s recent way for selling their latest album has received praise and attracted attention for how it helps combat the impact the album and photocard culture can have on the environment.


On January 18, the group dropped their single album, Chronograph. They then announced that you would be able to purchase the album in two versions. The first is a physical album that comes with everything you expect. But the second is called a “platform album.” For a limited time, fans can purchase a digital version of the album where you will only be mailed the photocard and be emailed a download code for the album. Some companies, like YG, have taken steps to be more environmentally friendly, announcing that future BLACKPINK, WINNER, and TREASURE album packaging will be eco-friendly. Through VICTON’s new album, this kind of system has been implemented.

The effort is reminiscent of what Lorde did when she dropped her album, Solar Power, in 2021. Instead of a typical physical album, she released a music box filled with items made with environmentally friendly materials, as well as a download code for the album.


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This alternative way to purchase an album comes with a slew of benefits. First, the digital version is actually cheaper than the physical edition. Second, you lessen garbage as there is no need to produce a physical album. You also aren’t limited to purchasing either or, so you still can get a physical album if you want. Fans also do not need to worry about album sales as the virtual version counts towards digital sales. If fans don’t receive the photocard they want, they can just purchase another photocard without having to go through the hassle of discarding another album.

It’s no secret that some fans buy albums in bulk in order to get a chance to participate in fan signs. Because of this, people end up with dozens if not hundreds of unused albums that either collect dust, are thrown out, or are sold to someone else. This digital process prevents this from happening and lessens the waste of materials and resources. You still get to participate in fan signs and increase sales and do so in a sustainable way.


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This digital option hasn’t been widely adopted in the K-pop industry, but it honestly should. Here, those who want a physical album or just the photocards can both be satisfied. The whole process essentially hits two birds with one stone, you get to support your faves and incur less trash. Now, there’s nothing wrong with showing your love to your favorite groups, but lets also do so in a way that isn’t detrimental to the environment. Good on VICTON for doing this and hopefully more idols will follow as well.

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