Let’s G? Uptown Bonifacio Is The Ultimate Destination For Every Friend Group

Let's go besties.

Whether you’re in the mood for morning munchies or a weekend bash, Uptown Parade has got your back for round-the-clock chill spots.

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From fancy dinners to weekend getaways, the most memorable experiences in life happen in the company of your friend group. After all, who will shoot IG-worthy snapshots of your OOTD? Even for introverts who want alone time, it’s hard to argue against the fact that being with your friends turns every mundane moment into one for the books.

But the thing about planning your next night out is that it’s difficult to leave the group chat. Are all these exciting places really out of reach? Take a deep breath, because having the time of your life does not have to break the bank nor be a 3-hour drive away. ICYDK, Uptown Bonifacio is the ultimate destination for every friend group.

Get in, We’re Going to Uptown Bonifacio.

Uptown Bonifacio is the haven for every friend group seeking an epic time without the hassle. Situated at the heart of Fort Bonifacio , Uptown Bonifacio seamlessly blends the trendy and the timeless, offering an array of options for friends, families, and everything in between. Whether you’re in the mood for morning munchies or a weekend bash, Uptown Bonifacio has got your back for round-the-clock chill spots.

Shopping at Akimbo

Making a splash in the streetwear scene, Akimbo boasts a plethora of contemporary fashion brands. We’re talking about heavy hitters like Ambush, Converse, Facetasm, X-Large, and many more. No worries if you’re just up for some window shopping – the store is an experience in and of itself, with iconic pieces by Banksy, Bearbrick, and Jean-Michel Basquiat adorning the space. Can you imagine the thrill of shopping surrounded by these mind-bending artworks? It’s like stepping into a style sanctuary.

Fiery Dining in Alegria Manila

Grown folks often caution against playing with fire, but we’re taking that as a challenge. Next stop? The fiery sizzling scene in Alegria Manila. At the heart of this culinary adventure is the Latin-American Cantina, renowned for its perilla, an open, wood-fire grill with Argentinian origins. Well, it’s definitely exciting when everything on their menu sizzles.

Bar Hopping at The Palace

The city comes alive when the sun sets, especially at The Palace. Whether you’re partying all night or indulging in drinks and dining, the country’s biggest nightlife complex has your back. With Yes Please, Xylo, The Island, Revel, and Clubhouse, bar hopping is always a good idea. Imagine music, laughter, clinking glasses, and the echoes of new conversations. After all, it’s all about those nighttime vibes and having an absolute blast with your chosen crew.

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