The Reveals From Tudum 2023 That Might Just Make You Renew Your Netflix Subscription

That was a lot.

From first looks at the live-action Avatar and One Piece adaptations to Squid Game season 2 casting news, Netflix brought the heat at Tudum.

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For the past few years, Netflix has been making their subscribers know just what they can expect with Tudum. Named after the sound you hear whenever you watch something on Netflix (yes, that sound), Tudum has served as the streaming service’s showcase of the biggest titles coming. And this year, Netflix went live from Brazil for a global event that gave a peak at the hottest movies and shows coming in 2023 and 2024. The nearly three-hour show was a packed one filled with announcements that could populate an entire watchlist. So, here are some of the reveals and looks you wouldn’t want to miss.


One of Netflix’s most talked-about anime adaptations in the works, Avatar: The Last Airbender finally got first-look stills of Aang, Kitara, Sokka, and Zuko that got social media talking, for better and worse. Season one will be eight episodes that revolve around Book One of the animated show. Considering how the last time Avatar was adapted to live-action was a mess, we’re hoping Netflix doesn’t drop the ball on this beloved series. The show is set to stream in 2024.


Speaking of anticipated live-action anime adaptations, Tudum 2023 also had the premier of the first trailer for One Piece, and it looks promising. The adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his crew will be brought to life real soon as the series is set to land on Netflix this August. Season one will mainly center on the East Blue Saga, which means we’ll be getting the beginnings of the lead heroes. Given how long the manga has run, Netflix has a lot of room to play with for future seasons (if One Piece doesn’t get canceled).


While we didn’t get a trailer or a look into the new season, we did get a casting announcement for Squid Game season two. Lee Jung-jae, Gong Yoo, Lee Byung-Hun, and Wi Ha-joon are all set to reprise their roles for the second season, where they will be joined by four new actors.


Following the success of Queen Charlotte, the Bridgerton hype continues as Tudum 2023 gave us the first look at Bridgerton season 3. As seen in the first stills, the new season will follow Penelope and Collin. And say what you want about Penelope, but you can’t deny she looks so good. The new season is going to be messy. We can’t wait.  


Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and DB Weiss are heading back to the small screen with their adaptation of Liu Cixin’s novels. The show tells the story of Ye Wenjie, a Chinese scientist in the 1960s who sends a signal to aliens. But because of how long it takes to reach them, the human race soon devolves into factions as some prepare for their arrival, while others prepare for war. The show is landing on Netflix in January 2024.


K-drams and movies have honestly been carrying Netflix as of late. Some of the most popular titles on the streaming service are Korean titles. As such, Netflix debuted a K-drama sizzle reel of 11 upcoming Korean shows and movies to get us hyped for what’s in store. Peep looks at Sweet Home 2, Gyeongsang Creature, D.P. season two, and more.


In just a couple of months (August 3, to be exact), Heartstoppers season 2 finally lands on Netflix. In the meantime, we were treated to the opening scene of episode one, which sees Charlie and Nick openly embrace their relationship, as well as all eight episode titles.


Filming for Stranger Things season five is currently on pause due to the Writer’s Guild of America’s strike. But we did get a casting announcement that Sarah Conor herself, Linda Hamilton, is joining the cast for the final season.


While we are still ways of from seeing footage of season two, the cast of Wednesday gave us a few details of the new season as they answered fan theories, most interestingly that an extended member of the Addams family will be making an appearance.

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