The Roundup: New Song Releases Of The Week

An eventful week, to say the least.

Maris Racal delivers a bop about respecting others while Alexa Ilacad shares a hearbreak anthem in this roundup of the week’s new songs.

Another week, another eventful time for the music industry. Among the many goings on, the past week saw GOT7 celebrate their 8th anniversary, which included an online reunion. Several K-pop idols, including Stray Kids, Chung Ha, and G(I)-DLE performed at Dubai for the 2020 Dubai Expo. EXO’s Chen welcomed his second baby while SB19’s Pablo teased what most likely is a new solo song.

On the tours front, the lineup for the When We Were Young festival in Las Vegas was announced and it left many emo and pop-punks 2000s kids over the moon. Harry Styles, meanwhile, announced his second leg of his world tour set for the UK, Europe, and Latin America while Adele had to reschedule her shows in Las Vegas due to COVID concerns. And lets also not forget the new song drops of the week, because they were a lot of great ones that came up. Here is a roundup of some of the best new song releases of the week.

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Maris Racal is here to solidify her status as a P-pop princess further with the release of her new song, Pumila Ka. Featuring singer-songwriter and rapper raven, Maris Racal’s latest single claps back with an empowering tune that emphasizes how people need to be more aware and considerate of those around them. As she sings in the bridge, it’s ok to aim high, but not bring others down. The music video, directed by Treb Monteras, is a colorful homage to the early 2000s while also giving tribal touches. She even pays tribute to her iconic meme in the video’s intro. Needless to say, she served with this one.


One big red flag to spot in any relationship is if your partner only expects you to change for them, no questions asked. This is what Conan Gray tackles head on with his rock-infused new single, Jigsaw. The young musician expresses how he changed himself so much that one person that he no longer recognizes himself and feels like a jigsaw. It’s a message many people can relate to.


Inspired by a heartbreak she experienced in 2016, Alexa Ilacad’s new song Paano, sees the young star let it out as she tries to understand why things happened the way it did. Fun fact: the song was initially written during a car ride on a rainy day, so you could say the song was meant to be.


This week sees Rich Brian drop his first ever EP, Brightside. The four-track album includes his previously released single New Tooth and three new tracks, such as the banger Getcho Mans where he and Warren Hue spit straight fire.


Following the success of his viral single, double take, dhruv is out with new music with the release of his EP rapunzel. The eight-track EP is describe by dhruv as a “scrapbook I’ve kept during a really important few years of personal growth.” The EP is an introspective look at the artist as he navigates his life and journey in the past years.


BamBam delivers a euphoric love song with his latest comeback single Slow Mo. The light and dreamy song matches well with the music video’s aesthetic. The track serves as the latest single off of BamBam’s second mini-album, the seven-track B.


For his new song, My Life, Mark Tuan releases a beautiful song about what really goes on behind the glitz and glamour. The track sees Mark get real about how life isn’t always perfect and how you can’t tell how someone is from the outside looking in. It’s a poignant message delivered with exceptional vocal work from Mark.


Taeyeon serves another bop once again, but let’s be honest, when hasn’t she? For her latest single, Can’t Control Myself, Taeyeon shares an emotional story of unrequited love backed by acoustic guitar and a strong instrumental.


If you’re a fan of Euphoria or have seen the show, then you know that HBO’s popular teen drama has exceptional cinematography, cop-worthy looks, and A-tier music selection. And that’s on full display with Lana Del Ray’s Watercolor Eyes, Lana’s original song created for the show which will be included in episode 3. If you’re itching for more Euphoria music, then keep an eye out for Euphoria Season 2 (An HBO Original Series Soundtrack) set for release on February 25.


If you’re looking for an emotional song to emote to, we suggest you give a listen to paraiso by Arthur Miguel. Be prepared to be swept away by Arthur’s soothing vocals as he explores a complex love story of loss, pain, and self-acceptance.  


If the name GAYLE doesn’t ring any bells, then maybe you have heard of her number one smash hit, abcdefu. The rising 17-year-old continues her style of unapologetic call outs with the release of her new song, ur just horny. As the name suggests, the pop-rock track sees GAYLE call out a past relationship and chides him for just wanting to sleep with her instead of getting to know her.


Get your tissues ready as Jaime Miller dropped his latest emotional tune, Wishes. On its own, the piano driven ballad hits in all the right places. But the fact that it is part of the OST for Snowdrop makes it hit even harder.


For Moon Byul’s latest solo effort, she weaves a story of falling in and out of love in her latest EP, 6equence. The seven-track album is filled with bops like G999 and her newest single, the addicting and upbeat LUNATIC.


The most unique “song” on this list and arguably one of the most unique songs ever made, OBLIVION is a one hour experience of sounds and vibes. There are no lyrics in the entire track, just music that will have you center your mind and emotions. It’s the kind of song to listen to if you want to space out and travel through uncertainty through experimental tunes.


Get ready to be transported to the 80s with Press Hit Play’s newest song, Tell Me. The P-pop boy group deliver a stunning retro throwback of a love song that will get your feet on the dance floor.


For their latest comeback, P-pop boy group 1st. One give us an empowering anthem with SHOUT OUT. Aside from showcasing the hard-hitting nature of the song, the military-themed music video also serves as a tribute to an often forgotten moment in Philippine history, the country’s participation in the Korean War.


J-Pop queen Hikaru Utada makes an impactful return with the digital release of her eighth studio album, Bad Mode which was released on January 19 the same date as her birthday. Delivering more pop perfection with sophisticated edge, the global superstar solidifies her iconic status with a string of envelope-pushing jams such as One Last Kiss, the theme song to EVANGELION:3.0+1.0 THRICE UPON A TIME; PINK BLOOD, the soundtrack to anime drama To Your Eternity; and Face My Fears. Utada’s new record contains four bonus tracks and three new songs.


Singer-songwriter Jarlo Bâse is ready to carve his own lane in the music industry with the release of Kalapati, his first official single after signing with Sony Music Philippines. Kalapati deviates slightly from his past releases with has a more pristine quality to its production is concerned. The laid-back tune finds Jarlo embracing a lighthearted, chill, but soulful sound. Lyrically, it’s a song about loving a person for genuine reasons accepting them, flaws and all.


Alvin “Vertigo” Guanlao and Jolo “Frazier” Juatco, or more commonly known by their stage name Bajula, return with a new single that blends bedroom R&B/pop confessionals with homemade instrumentation. Bad Man is cosmic in scope, but intimate in presentation: an attempt for the eclectic pair to deliver nostalgia with sensual bliss and restraint. Singing in Prince-style falsetto, Frazier takes over the vocal duties for the first time while radiating a wistful energy over impressionistic synths and lo-fi beats.


Up-and-coming musician liesl-mae is looking to make her mark with the release of her new song Headspace. The track marks her official debut as a soulful pop singer-songwriter with the skill for crafting ethereal melodies and soaring vocals. The song was born out of a situation many people have found themselves in, the struggle to feel present and not feeling like your floating in space. The song is her expression of what it means to find inner peace and safety, regardless of where you may find it.

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