The Ring of Fore: Why the Brand is Championing Sustainability And Co-creation More Than Ever

Here's why The Fore is at the epicentre of it all.

In almost 2 years in the business, The Fore is leading the seismic shift in a more culturally aware, environmentally transparent setting in the fashion industry.

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But why are we suddenly brushing up on our geological knowledge? When Kim Jones launched her brainchild The Fore a few years ago, it caused a ripple effect on everyone involved in the art of creation. In a past interview with The Art Report, she reveals,

“Collaboration at The Fore opens up a constructive space for focused conflict and differences in opinion. It’s about working together and finding solutions.”

The beauty of starting out as a small business is being able to operate in a way where you can still connect with your consumers on both a personal and interdisciplinary level and be aware of the extensive process your product goes through.

With biologist turned designer Ken Samudio as the forefront collaborator, the brand gained momentum as it progressed, leading to collaborations with local brand EAIRTH—known for their natural plant dyes and TELASTORY, an environmentally conscious manufacturer committed to pushing proper labor rights and using alternative zero-waste materials.

This sensitivity towards community empowerment disrupted the industry, unconsciously imprinting on brands big and small to take the necessary steps and more ethical practices.

With the constant shifting of uncontrollable circumstances and the collective effort to save the earth, one can definitely say that The Fore is the burgeoning contrivance at the epicenter of it all.

(This article originally appeared in MEGA Magazine)

Photography ERWIN CANLAS




Model KAT of PMAP

Shoot assistant MJ ALMERO