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The Shirt SUGA Wore In Daechwita Dance Practice Is Worth 75 Album Photocards

The price of Mr. Tongue Technology's T-Shirt is enough to get your tongue twisted.

Who’s the king? Who’s the boss that wears a shirt THAT expensive at a dance practice? The one and only Agust D, aka SUGA of BTS, of course!

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A man of many names, whether you call him SUGA, Agust D, Min Yoongi, or mister Tongue Technology, this rapper simply has a way to get you to put some respect to his name.

In a recent BANGTAN Bomb upload for SUGA’s Daechwita Dance Practice, we saw a glimpse of his sword dancing skills, which later came to life for the imperial music video of Daechwita, the title track of his first solo album, D-2.

While we were definitely in awe of his enchanting sword dance, the real scene-stealer was the shirt he was wearing during training.

Now, if you’re a long-time ARMY, it’s not a surprise to see Yoongi wearing a Fear of God shirt, but did you know that this (now sold out) t-shirt has a resale price of P23,000? That’s worth 75 BTS album photocards in the Philippines! And Yoongi is literally wearing it as A. Practice. Shirt.

Unfortunately, you can’t find the Fear of God sixth collection T-shirt in Heather Grey in its official stores anymore. However, it’s being resold on eBay at $435 + $45-$55 for shipping (that’s almost P23,575!).

A BTS fan account also posted an overview of his full outfit. Turns out, Yoongi’s BANGTAN Bomb Dance Practice outfit costs P64,800 or $1350.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather just stream his mixtape and play it loud like Daechwita.