Do Long-Distance Relationships Really Work? This Song Will Remind You What’s Missing

Stephanie Poetri talks long-distance relationships and song-writing.

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s solo or away from your SO, listen to Stephanie Poetri’s latest song, How We Used To, the perfect remedy to your untimely heartaches. 

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Separations could mean a thousand things. For relationships withstanding distance and miscommunication, and, possibly, skepticism, a lot of factors are at stake. From inevitable flashbacks to fascinations, it’s becoming helpless to not contemplate how you wished your relationship would go.

Walking on a reminiscent path, Indonesian-American singer Stephanie Poetri’s How We Used To tells a story of an individual filled with wonders, breaking free on a new chapter with excess baggage from the past. The 20-year old singer-songwriter raises the bar high and writes a song that’s relatable for today’s generation. 

In an interview with NYLON Manila, apart from delving deep into her own personal experience, Stephanie gets inspiration within her safe quarantine space. “I use a lot of inspiration from movies because I need to tap on that emotion,” she shares. She hopes that long-distance couples would find her song as an avenue to ease loneliness and an encouragement to seek distractions when times get rough. 

While there’s no stopping this young talent, Stephanie is set to release her EP, AM:PM, that will give you the distinct chill morning vibes and hyped evening track. Landing the international pop scene in March, her EP, AM:PM, consists of six songs split up into two segments. 

Instantly lifting the quarantine mood, Stephanie shares a little background about the first song in her AM section. The song entitled, IRL is the ideal quarantine song that speaks of enjoyment without the need to go places.

“A lot of people need a reminder as well that it’s not about where you are, but it’s who you’re with,” says Stephanie. Oftentimes, even the most mundane activity can be a source of happiness when doing it with the right people. 

As an avid video gamer, Stephanie would incorporate both video games and songwriting on her live streams on Twitch. In her very interactive live stream, she would take song requests from her fans for her karaoke concept and would also do on the spot songwriting. 

You can check out Stephanie Poetri’s Twitch channel here