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9 Siblings Of Famous Personalities Who Are Stars In Their Own Right

They are the next generation of social media stars you should be keeping an eye on.

Superstars on their own accord, these social media personalities have proven that they are so much more than just siblings of a celebrity. Here’s why you should be taking notice of them now.

They say that when you have a famous sibling, it’s hard to get out of their shadow. Well, while this holds fairly true, these siblings prove the exact opposite. They may be related to some of the biggest social media and entertainment stars in the Philippines, but that does not mean they don’t have the star quality of their own. These nine people are slowly making a name for themselves out of their sibling’s shadow and proving that they have something to offer as well.

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Pay close attention, take notes, and get those double-taps ready, because they are no longer brothers and sisters of. Making a name for themselves, it’s about time we get to know them better.

Andie Gil

Andie Gil may not be a name you instantly remember, but you may have seen her with Enrique and Liza from time to time since she’s Enrique’s younger sibling. More than being his sister, she is slowly growing to be someone you should pay attention to. On her Instagram page, she posts pictures of her day-to-day life, especially expressing her love for BTS. Speaking of K-pop, you may have also seen her in a few of Liza’s YouTube videos, such as when they reacted to the music video of Dynamite. Aside from this, she is also the CMO of HKT Essentials and the co-founder of the health and wellness brand, Good Life Wellness.

Chesca Montano

It’s hard enough as it is to break out of the shadow of two celebrity parents, but it gets even harder when you have two sisters who are famous as well. Chesca Montano is showing though that can make a name for herself, too. The younger sibling Angelica and Sam Cruz, Chesca is slowly breaking out on her own thanks in no small part to her popular Instagram account, which has over 266k followers and her model-like beauty. On her page, if she isn’t posting aesthetic photos of herself, her family, or her pets, she’s sharing her impressive drawing and art skills.

Hannah Pangilinan

Hannah Pangilinan is that kind of girl you just want to be friends with and hang out 24/7. She comes off as relatable, smart, funny, and someone who is just good to be around. Donny Pangilinan’s younger sister had made a name for herself as a content creator on YouTube where she has been posting her blogs since 2016 and goes by the name Hannah Kathleen. As of late, she has been posting inspirational vlogs, episodes of her podcast, and song covers.

Jerry Cua MD

You may know Benedict Cua, so you will most likely know of his doctor brother, Jerry. Despite not following in his brother’s footsteps, strictly speaking at least, Jerry Cua has made a name for himself as evidenced by his 54k followers on Instagram over 134k subscribers on his YouTube channel, Doc Jerry. On his YouTube page, he posts a variety of videos from medical advice to his experiences as a doctor, general self-help videos, and his love of plants.

Kayla Aan Gorostiza

Kayla Aan Gorostiza is Andrea Brillantes’ older sister, and you can tell since she and Andrea are near identical to one another to the point you might mistake the two. She is as gorgeous as her sister and has already been a part of a few brand deals. If she isn’t sharing pictures on her 172k strong Instagram page showing sibling love to Andrea, she’s sharing a bit of herself and her academic achievements, too. (She graduated from San Beda in 2019.)

Mona Alawi

Ivana Alawi is one of the hottest stars right now and her younger sibling, Mona, is not far behind. Even though she is only 16 years old, Mona has already amassed over 3 million followers on Instagram. You may have seen Mona in some of Ivana’s YouTube videos though Mona does have her own channel with over 1.7 million subscribers. Just like her big sister, Mona has also been in her fair share of movies and TV shows and has a bright future ahead of her.

Nadine Howell Fanlo

Having a sibling who knows how to cook maybe one of the best things you can ask for and Rhian Ramos knows this firsthand thanks to her sister, Nadine Howell Fanlo. The two can pass off as twins and while Rhian is known for her acting, Nadine works in the food business and is a talented chef. She is the co-manager of Pedro Tap House, a bar and restaurant in Makati. On her Instagram page, she shares her food adventures, pictures of family, and videos of her making things like pasta and bread.

Natalia Guerrero

They say talent runs in the family and for the Guerreros, that most definitely holds true. Say hello to Natalia Guerrero who is showing signs that she is the next great dancer in the family. The youngest sibling of Ranz and Niana Guerrero, Natalia has been a scene-stealer whenever she dances with her two older siblings. She already has over 1.1 million followers on Instagram and 800k subscribers on her YouTube channel. It’s safe to say that Natalia could follow her siblings’ footsteps and be the next viral dancing sensation and social media darling.

Nate Punzalan

It could be argued that Janina Vela was one of the first to capitalize and grow in popularity as a modern YouTube content creator in the Philippines. It is no surprise then that Janina’s older brother, Nate Punzalan, decided to become a vlogger as well. What stands out for Nate though is that just a couple of years ago, he decided to stop making videos before he felt that the content he was making was more for his subscribers and sponsors and not for himself. He felt unfulfilled and decided to make videos that he wanted to make. His recent videos deal with him talking about serious topics like anxiety and burnout as well as of his life as a married man. Nate is also an inspirational speaker where he shares his experiences in the industry.

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