5 Date Ideas According To Khalil Ramos and Gabbi Garcia

We're feeling kilig!

Whether it’s a fancy dinner or a spontaneous trip, Khalil Ramos and Gabbi Garcia will make you say #SanaAll.

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All-around actors, singers, and foodie entrepreneurs, Khalil Ramos and Gabbi Garcia are a celebrity couple whose years-long relationship is straight goals. After spending six years together, we can confidently say that Khalil and Gabbi are the standard. During the Vogue Philippines Anniversary Gala, we quizzed them about their secret recipe for keeping things exciting, and the perfect pair spilled the tea, revealing they’re all about those date nights (or days). Whether it’s a cozy speakeasy bar or an art museum date, they’re making every moment count.

If you’re running out of ideas, no worries—we have Khalil Ramos and Gabbi Garcia for date ideas. The celebrity couple are always at the most IG-worthy hangouts. It’s time to start taking notes.

Plan an Amusement Park Date

Feeling that adrenaline rush? Plan an amusement park date! No stress, it doesn’t have to be Disneyland—maybe Enchanted Kingdom, Skyranch, or Star City? Nothing says quality time like screaming your hearts out on roller coasters, sharing cotton candy, and splurging on water gun games.

Roadtrips? Always.

Imagine: your soulmate, the perfect playlist, and a wide-open road ahead. Whether you’re cruising along coastal highways, camping beneath the stars, or traversing those winding mountain roads—road trips are a fail-proof date idea. It’s an adventure where you can connect, take scenic shots, and capture candid moments that will last a lifetime.

Same Music Taste? Try a Concert Date

Sometimes, nothing can compare to the electrifying experience of attending a live concert with your significant other. Just like every cute couple having their song, you’ll have an entire tracklist that resonates with your love story after attending a concert together.

Slow Days and a Pottery Class

Slow days and pottery classes—it might not sound like the most feed-worthy date idea, but here’s the thing: as young adults who are always on fast-forward, stepping back and embracing creative activities is a charming, calming, and downright romantic escape. And the best part? You have the opportunity to take your creations home as adorable mementos.

Work Together at a Café

Why not spend some quality time while working together at a cozy café? It isn’t your usual ‘date night’, but imagine being productive while spending time with your significant other—now that’s the ultimate Gen Z power move.

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I Finally Understand Why Ending Friendships Feels Like An Actual Breakup

Friends cause heartbreaks, too.

“Boyfriends and girlfriends are going to come and go, but this is for life.” LOL, apparently not.

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The real reasons behind ending relationships are beyond what we could ever imagine. Maybe it’s a matter of time and distance, whether it’s moving away for college or just chasing dreams in another city. Before you even realize, the same person and the shared moments might not matter anymore. Remember, that’s okay—we’re growing up after all. But let’s not talk about those “I have to find myself” messages sent at three in the morning when they’re out partying with friends. Maybe because one other reason is something like Netflix and Cheating, who knows? Regardless, if it’s causing more drama than a Tiktok trend, I guess it’s time to go.

What’s actually funny is we think that relationship splits are all about boyfriends-girlfriends. I’m blaming Pheobe Buffay of Friends for this one. She said, “Boyfriends and girlfriends are going to come and go, but this is for life.” LOL, apparently not. We’ve all heard people saying that ending friendships are worse than an actual breakup. Well, I couldn’t compare because I’ve never experienced a real relationship before. I’ve only seen it from friends who went through them. The stages of denial, anger towards your ex, and the shame game for failing to make the relationship ‘work’ are always part of the narrative. Of course, there are tearful meltdowns and the lapses back into heartache. Now, I finally understand why ending friendships feels like an actual breakup. 

Here’s what happened, SKL

For five years, I’ve been with the same circle. They weren’t the type of friends you would only see twice a week, either. We were practically neighbors, so we literally spent every waking second hanging out, goofing around, and just being in each others houses doing our own thing. Those years felt like a never-ending sleepover. It was pretty much that, because we would decide where to crash, and it didn’t matter where – we’d all be squished into the most random spots. As if it wasn’t epic enough, we had the most amazing summers just traveling across the country. We were actually at the beach when I realized that I was in love with each and every one of them. Not in some lovey-dovey romantic way, but imagine being eternally grateful for someone’s existence.

We were only teenagers when we started hanging out. Just like everyone else, we bonded over drinking and late night conversations about aliens, television shows, and who’s who. I thought we would grow old together after countless birthdays, graduations, and a Christening even. But before I even realized, I was called out for ‘snitching’ on a cheater. While I can’t pinpoint the day we all became friends, I can vividly recall the exact date I was deemed toxic for doing something I thought was right. With the fact that these people made me feel loved and secure, who knew something so beautiful could still fall apart? From planning our kids names together to betting who’s getting married first, I suddenly found myself feeling helpless, betrayed, and alone. Now that I’m moving on, here are the lessons I learned along the way.

Regrets and Reminders

Many regrets in life are irreversible. You can’t study for a failed exam or take back what was said. And yet, we still wish we could’ve done something different. Imagine if you start to think, and you wouldn’t be the only one, that ending everything is a mistake. Maybe the memories began to resurface—let’s say, the songs you screamed along to played on the radio, or a stranger reminded you of their quirky mannerisms. Of course, there are the midnight thoughts and accidental relapses.

You know those scenes in movies where the main character remembers their ex with the most random things? Ending friendships feel like that too—it’s sad and funny all at once. For me, it was corned beef and garlic rice. They were well aware of my intense hatred for onions that they would set aside a separate plate just to spare me the struggle of picking them out. Fast forward to last week, I found myself crying over breakfast food. Yep, pretty pathetic. Long story short, our friendship isn’t some cinematic BFF saga. We wouldn’t have heart-to-heart talks about mistakes, and apologize for what happened. Don’t get me wrong, some stories deserve a second chance. Trust me, I’ve considered messaging them countless times, but think about why we’re all in this mess. Ask yourself why you’re hurting and how you hurt them. Sometimes, it’s better to live with regrets and reminders than going through that pain all over again.

First Dates

Picture this: going out on a first date again after ending a long-term relationship. After spending years with the same people, their birthdays, pet peeves, and life stories become a no-brainer. Now you find yourself in a new scene, making friends with new faces, and diving deep into their likes and dislikes. After all that history, you’re basically back to square one. Of course, it doesn’t matter how ‘nice’ your new friends are. You’ll play the mental game of whether these new people are the ones your future kids will call tito and tita, or if it’s just another heartbreak in the making.

After the first few times this occurs, you won’t see people in the same light. For me, I subconsciously become skeptical about relationships in general. What if they’re talking about me behind my back? If I’m being honest, I’m not so sure. What I’m certain about is that you should heal yourself first. You know, it’s pretty much the same deal with romantic relationships. You don’t have to love yourself to love someone else, but you should at least like yourself. Why? When you have a positive outlook of yourself, you’re more likely to make choices that avoid toxic relationships.

Moving On

A friendship breakup hurts, sometimes more than a romantic relationship ending. Whether you grew apart or experienced betrayal, we’re all about what we could’ve done differently. Reflecting on the friendship is part of the healing process, but moving forward would be impossible if you obsess over what could’ve been. If I were you, start by boxing up gifts, photos, and anything else that prevents you from focusing on the present. Yes, you can even burn them. That being said, it’s time to focus on yourself. When you spend years with the same people, it might have been a while since you stepped out of your comfort zone. If you’re currently friendless like me, use the time, energy, and love as an opportunity to create new memories with yourself or new people (if you’re lucky). Before realizing, you’ll be okay without your ex-friends.

In conclusion, friendship breakups aren’t one-size-fits-all. There’s not always a resolution, and it doesn’t always involve a conversation for closure. It might take time for you to get over them, trust new people, and forgive yourself. Again, that’s okay. No one is perfect, including you, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t move forward. It’s over, stop obsessing over what went wrong.

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tiktok couples

14 TikTok Couples That Will Make You Wish You Had A Valentine

All together now: "Sana all."

Love is in the air every day as long as you’re on TikTok. But recently, we feel a little more single while watching these adorable couples show their significant others off on the app.

We kind of wish we had a partner to dance the #dominochallenge with, too. Now that it’s the season of love, we can’t help but admire these Filipino TikTok couples as they make cute videos together.

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So don’t mind us, we’re just going to live vicariously through these relationships on TikTok while we wait for the right person to come. For now, have a look at why we’re all saying, “sana all.

Aileen Christine & Deven Chris


(Most) boyfriends are simple, be interested in their game = happiness LOL @devenchris

♬ original sound – Aileenchristineee

I know I’m not the only one blaming Aileen and Deven about the reason my standards are so high when it comes to relationships. We love this unproblematic couple and their wholesome, hilarious content.

Andrea Brillantes & Seth Fedelin

Now this is the Gen-Z power couple we’re talking about! We love how these two lovebirds are just having fun together, and apparently, with Andrea’s mom’s stamp of approval, too! Watch them do the #dominochallenge on TikTok.

Brian Puspos & Aja Dang

Brian Puspos and her stunning girlfriend, Aja Dang make the funniest and relatable couple TikToks!

Cass Valencia & Karlo Marquez


No take backs @cassvalencia

♬ First Date – Frad

Cass Valencia and Karlo Marquez make us believe in modern-day romance. From the first time she said yes to being his girlfriend to the sweetest online proposal for Valentine’s day–love is not dead, indeed.

Ady Cotoco & Sophia Padre

We feel like we’re witnessing the honeymoon phase of a relationship while watching Ady and Sophia’s TikToks together.

Trevor Brouhns & Naiyasha Nicole


Trevor Brouhns aka “da coziest Filipino” and his girlfriend, Naiyasha Nicole show us that there’s no such thing as extra. How does one come up with the most perfect date every time?

Addison Rae & Bryce Hall

This list wouldn’t be complete without TikTok’s most powerful couple, Addison Rae and Bryce Hall. Fun fact: Bryce is actually part-Filipino!

Yanyan De Jesus & Joseph Cuaton


Don’t ever let me go 🥺💛 @josephcuaton_

♬ Domino Lovers Challenge – stilestefanbae

Yanyan De Jesus and Joseph Cuaton bring the heat with the #dominochallenge and their chemistry is oozing from the screen!

Lite Lamayo & Roi Oriondo


NEW VLOG IS UP!!! true or false challenge 🙈 sobrang intense ng mga questions 😅 LINK ON MY TIMELINE 🥺❤️

♬ SINGLE LADIES – rofherson suzon

What a sight for sore eyes, these two are! Lite and Roi have such good dynamic together, we cannot help but ship it.

Mika Dela Cruz & Nash Aguas

After all this time, we’ll never get tired of Mika and Nash’s content together. We just love seeing the two so happy!

Ella Cruz & Julian Trono

Now this is the dance duo we love to watch! Ella and Julian aren’t just couple goals, but they’re also dance royalties!

Kristel Fulgar & Yo Kim


Made him dance again yay! 🥴 @yo.kim

♬ LOTUS FLOWER BOMB x YRN – Michael Napiza

A real-life K-drama couple, Kristel Fulgar and Yo Kim are literally living the fanfic life and we’re all for it. We love how they’re so supportive of each other’s careers and we can’t wait for them to reunite again in real life.

Franco & Joanna


Gusto ko lang to e share guys! 🥺 Tag your LDR partner ❤️ #ldrcouple #fyp #foryou #tiktokphilippines @idmilaofranco

♬ original sound – Joel & Kat – Joel & Kat

@msqueenofjetlags and @idmiliaofranco are the sexiest couple on TikTok and it’s so refreshing watching their content together.

Killa Kushla & Annika Yanez


except we’re not on vacation and we moved here hahaha #fyp #viral #trending #philippines

♬ “Vacation” by Dirty Heads – .

Killa Kushla & Annika Yanez are our guilty pleasure. Don’t you just want to move out of the city and live by the beach just like Killa and Annika?

Do Long-Distance Relationships Really Work? This Song Will Remind You What’s Missing

Stephanie Poetri talks long-distance relationships and song-writing.

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s solo or away from your SO, listen to Stephanie Poetri’s latest song, How We Used To, the perfect remedy to your untimely heartaches. 

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Separations could mean a thousand things. For relationships withstanding distance and miscommunication, and, possibly, skepticism, a lot of factors are at stake. From inevitable flashbacks to fascinations, it’s becoming helpless to not contemplate how you wished your relationship would go.

Walking on a reminiscent path, Indonesian-American singer Stephanie Poetri’s How We Used To tells a story of an individual filled with wonders, breaking free on a new chapter with excess baggage from the past. The 20-year old singer-songwriter raises the bar high and writes a song that’s relatable for today’s generation. 

In an interview with NYLON Manila, apart from delving deep into her own personal experience, Stephanie gets inspiration within her safe quarantine space. “I use a lot of inspiration from movies because I need to tap on that emotion,” she shares. She hopes that long-distance couples would find her song as an avenue to ease loneliness and an encouragement to seek distractions when times get rough. 

While there’s no stopping this young talent, Stephanie is set to release her EP, AM:PM, that will give you the distinct chill morning vibes and hyped evening track. Landing the international pop scene in March, her EP, AM:PM, consists of six songs split up into two segments. 

Instantly lifting the quarantine mood, Stephanie shares a little background about the first song in her AM section. The song entitled, IRL is the ideal quarantine song that speaks of enjoyment without the need to go places.

“A lot of people need a reminder as well that it’s not about where you are, but it’s who you’re with,” says Stephanie. Oftentimes, even the most mundane activity can be a source of happiness when doing it with the right people. 

As an avid video gamer, Stephanie would incorporate both video games and songwriting on her live streams on Twitch. In her very interactive live stream, she would take song requests from her fans for her karaoke concept and would also do on the spot songwriting. 

You can check out Stephanie Poetri’s Twitch channel here

No Gray Area: An Introspective Guide To Navigate The Relationship Unknown

Living in a time uncertain, do we really need more things unclear and undefined?

A love letter crammed across space, time and circumstance, we wade neck deep in the dreaded gray area of relationships (it isn’t just romance, you know) and pull through, realizing what or most importantly, who matters the most.

Everything appeared typical from the façade—the familiar wash of amber that has long blanketed many a secret rendezvous, flick of longing gaze and accidental brush of skin that sends shivers down the spine; the careful dispersing of bar regulars and curious onlookers erupting in shrills of cheer, cacophony of personal laments and exhales of weighted sighs; and of course, the music erupting from inside the hallowed space they call Today x Future.

This is a safe space I’ve longed wanted in on and have been fortunate enough to now call it a home. Crammed in between pawnshops on both ends and once-upon-a-time lorded by a larger-than-life tarpaulin of Saint Sarah Geronimo watching over on our harrowed souls, there stood the comforting red door that led to the dance floor where cares, tears, and feelings are danced out to the heart’s content—or discontent for some. Right by the corner of the mirrored DJ’s booth was where you’d usually find me, clutching tight for dear life or support, whatever the night called for.

That night, to my surprise, I didn’t want to hold on to anything. With a roof-ripping, tree-uprooting storm of turmoil swirling deep in my heart and thoughts, the personal resolve was clear: knock out the should have, would have, and could have with truth that is as clear as day—even if it hurts. I was ready, sort of.

There he stood, in his usual spot by the corner of the entrance taken over by shadows, save for the occasional flash of neon green light. This time however, the door was flung open, inviting the light to spill in. His nonchalance was attractive, which was only furthered by the lived in white shirt that looked like second skin to his toned physique and his hair that tumbled as he swayed slightly left to right. It would have been a night of our typical neither here nor there dance, circling each other but never actually really meeting at a point of convergence. Were we friends? Yes. Did I like him more than as such? From the moment my eyes caught sight of his backside some years back and he had toppled over the bottle of beer I was nursing then? Very, very much so.

It should have been clear back then, but well, I can be stubborn and persistent. So, I soldiered on with nothing but good intent in my arsenal, as well as of the enduring but earnest dash of hope I once whispered on the calling card I slipped in his wallet the first time we met.

This only muddled the gray area even more, because since then, we have charted several countries alone, clocked in more than enough god-awful hours of discourse inside his parked car in front of my house to rival any drawl of late night TV shows and mile-long conversations over various messenger platforms. It seemed like the semblance of relationship, no matter how gingerly cradled in a platonic precedent was going swimmingly, right? Well, only if one decides to make sense of the uncertain status quo. And I just about had it.

So, there he was, detached and dense from my line of sight. I had wanted to say so much more to him, you know, in real life. (That is apart from about numerous letters professing how I felt at different points of this are-they-or-aren’t-they friendship.) There was no prose or poetry this time, no prepared speech. If at all, there was an insufferable amount of truth I had wanted to let go of, for my sake. You see, I could go on and on about the many theories I have drawn and hypothesized in my spare time on this gaping gray area, but that wouldn’t be fair to him and it might just make me appear more psychotic and crazed than I already seem. But I couldn’t get through to him then and even until now. Every purposeful action was met with a deliberate deflection, unsettling silence, and nervous laughter.

And then the worse thing happened. From the periphery of my sober gaze I see another man cozy up to him, whispering things barely an inch from his ear and before I could turn away, they kiss. At that point, I had temporarily lost the ability to breathe. Suddenly, the walls felt like they were closing in on me and the only thing my body could do was to make a run for it. And I did.

I am wont to recall the metaphor of a plaster being ripped from the skin, but as I tend to be very dramatic; it felt like my heart was violently ripped out of my chest. But as Taylor Swift garbled once about relationships, of course, “Band aids don’t fix bullet holes.” I was heartbroken. There, I said it. Just like that, the gray area cleared up and the ends of the color spectrum filed out into separate stark contrasts and it was painfully and debilitatingly clear—he just didn’t see me the same way I did him.

Therein lies the trouble of wallowing in the safety of limbo for longer than the recommended time period. We are so afraid of stepping out of the comfort zone because at that point, whether it is fully reciprocated in the way it should be and the way you deserve it, you find solace in the company of another human being. You surrender yourself to the ill-advised fact (thank you, voices in my head) that this is it, this is what the universe has accorded you with—now make it work. Here, you grasp for straws to extend the lifeline past its maturation. “You never really know,” I would tirelessly argue to my friends who were by then already exhausted by my constant trips down the lane of love, or whatever the hell the kids call it these days. I found myself defending someone who was never really there at the expense of wearing out my heart and soul. I was bone-tired, too. But in the hopes of finding that elusive true love, I wanted to hold on just a little longer, even if it was in the real estate of a gray area. My nails, dug deep on the concrete, were slowly chipping off and I was losing my grip. Scratch that—I lost it. Until I pulled myself out and slapped some sense back. “No one is going to do this process but you. You are only responsible for yourself,” I reminded myself.

So, here I am, still trying to make sense from the dystopic rubble I had unintentionally created for myself. There is no one to blame but myself and I’ll take that with a grain of salt and gratingly scratch another line on the wall of my constant learning experience. It is a daily process of threshing out deep-seated emotions, neglected feelings, and navigating through the pains of moving forward. Because really, what else is there to do?

“Are you okay?” I am constantly asked by well-meaning friends. “Not really,” I reply, as I heave a sigh and muster a smile. “But I’ll pull through.” True enough, as each transitory dusk relents to the promise of a new day, I constantly tell myself, there is so much color out there. Why do I have to ever settle for the dull and drab of a gray area? Call this the point where I step out of the waters, the point of becoming lucid amidst the tripped up noise. This time I am waking up to the reality that I do not be content with a maybe at best, someone who is just there because yes, I matter. I deserve better. And so do you.