5 Ways SB19 Is Ushering In A New Era Together With Their Fans

Reaching new heights.

This 2023, SB19 has made some big changes and hit several milestones as they continue to blaze their way through the world. As their 5th anniversary nears, here’s how they’re coming into an exciting new era.

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There’s no doubt that five-member Filipino pop group SB19 continues to be an unstoppable force of nature. Championing Filipino talent going global, the group is achieving milestone after milestone as they continue to chase their dreams and pave the way for local acts.

This year, from the release of their second EP Pagtatag! to their new, personal podcast, SB19 has embarked on another journey as a unit and as musicians—and they show no signs of slowing down. Half a decade in the business has not dulled their artistry, their love for their fans, and their desire to tell their story. As they near their fifth anniversary, the group is reaching towards new heights while remaining grounded to who they are. So this October, Pablo, Stell, Justin, Ken, and Josh promise an entire month of events celebrating how far they’ve come, and how much farther they’re going to go.


@officialsb19 1 day ‘til the release of PAGTATAG! EP. Mag GENTO GENTO muna tayo while waiting. 🫣 #SB19PAGTATAG #PAGTATAG #SB19 #SB19GENTO #GENTO ♬ GENTO – SB19

What else signifies going bigger and bolder than SB19’s absolute hit Gento? The song, which went staggeringly viral, was covered by a whole slew of K-Pop idols and reached two Billboard charts. There’s no doubt it marked a full-circle moment for the group given that they were inspired and influenced by global acts. The success of Gento was also accompanied by the success of their second international tour across the Philippines and North America.


In a video all about the new direction SB19 is taking to achieve their dreams, the band explained that starting their own company 1Z Entertainment was a move to take control of their work and their future. The band has always been hands-on with their projects, and this move ensures they have more of a say in their craft. 1Z Entertainment isn’t just something for SB19, though—they envision it as a way to make changes in the Filipino music industry.


It’s fitting that one of SB19’s events this October was Pepsi Pulse 2023, a launch aptly themed Be Part Of A New Era. The group headlined the event, performing in their usual explosive manner. As they celebrated a new era with the brand, one can’t help but think about how the band itself was celebrating their own new era after they left old management and started down their own path.


One of the major October events the group has in store is the One Zone: SB19 Half a Decade Celebration Fanmeet! On October 28, 2023 at the Araneta Coliseum the band will host a special anniversary fanmeet for their beloved A’TINs to celebrate all that they’ve achieved in the last five years and everything more to come.


SB19 podcast


As fans, we mostly see our idols performing or joking around in variety shows. It’s always special when they take time to share their honest thoughts and opinions, perspectives, and advice, whether through a livestream or episodes from Mindset by DIVE Studios. Similarly, another October special from SB19 features a peek into the members’ lives and minds as they start their own podcast, Atin Atin Lang, where they’ll be having open and honest conversations about “life, career, and everything else amongst themselves” every Monday this October on Spotify. The first episode is all about “Finding and Losing Relationships,” a relevant subject befitting those of us who are embarking on new journeys ourselves.

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All The Pinoy Rom-Com Movie References in Rob Deniel’s New Music Video ‘RomCom’

All the classics.

Rising young star Rob Deniel channels old-school vibes and classic Pinoy romantic comedies in his newest music video RomCom with special guests Vladia, BINI’s Maloi, Hyacinth Callado, and Sam Benwick.

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There’s nothing like love in a romantic comedy. Let’s be honest—which of us hasn’t formed our ideas of love based on a foundation of cheesy (admittedly, often problematic) rom-coms and classic love story tropes? There’s something so magnetic about romantic comedies, from their timelessness to toothache-inducing fluff. And one young artist embodies such notions of everlasting romance in his music and artistry.

Rob Deniel is a young singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist whose song Ulap quickly became a hit in 2020. Known for the love stories he tells through his retro-inspired music, Rob Deniel has captured the heart of many with his talent. An old soul, the artist has mentioned that he is inspired by the likes of Apo Hiking Society and Rey Valera. As a Gen Z artist leaning towards an old-school sound, Rob brings a fresh take to lyrical musings about love and romance.

And to celebrate his 20th birthday, he dropped a romantic music video for his newest single RomCom, an upbeat track referencing age-old stories about love told through film. Re-enacting iconic scenes from Filipino rom-coms Kita Kita, A Very Special Love, Diary Ng Panget, FLAMES: The Movie, Rob is joined by fellow young artists and musicians Vladia Disuanco, Maloi of BINI, Hyacinth Callado, and Sam Benwick.


kita kita rob deniel poster

The music video first shows Rob as Tonyo (Empoy Marquez in the film) and Vladia Discuanco as Lea (Alessandra de Rossi) re-enacting the ramen scene from the hit rom-com-drama Kita Kita. Kita Kita is about a temporarily-blind woman living in Japan who witnessed her husband cheating and meets Tonyo, her neighbor who accompanies her as she’s navigating the new changes in her life.


a very special love rob deniel movie poster

Maloi Ricalde from P-pop girl group BINI joins Rob in the A Very Special Love segment of the music video. The two enact the door-locking misunderstanding between Miggy (John LLoyd Cruz), a hotshot magazine executive and Laida (Sarah Geronimo), his new editorial assistant. The two leads in this film (which spawned an entire succesful trilogy) start off incredibly rocky and then come to embody the eye-roll-inducing and yet entertaining “I can change him!” trope.


diary ng panget rob deniel movie poster

The JaDine starrer Diary ng Panget is a Cinderella story based on a Wattpad tale. That already says a lot, but the cult-classic also features a tense and rocky relationship between the stubborn Cross (James Reid) and the grounded and romantic Eya (Nadine Lustre). Rob and artist Hyacinth Callado perfectly channel Cross’ recklessness and Eya’s war with her feelings from the film.


flames rob deniel poster

What’s more classic than a “you’ve got something on your face” scene in a 90’s movie based on a compatibility game FLAMES? FLAMES: The Movie, based on the series, is a film all about how two young and in love couples try to find their way in the world together. It stars Jolina Magdangal and Marvin Agustin (Rob also name-drops them in the song!) as well as Claudine Barretto and Rico Yan.

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Celebrate The Past, Present, and Future Of OPM At Pinoy Playlist Music Festival 2023

It's gonna be a grand time.

This September 29 to October 1 at the BGC Arts Center, celebrate the best of Filipino music with a stacked lineup of local artists, relevant talks, and fellow Filipino music enthusiasts at Pinoy Playlist Music Festival 2023.

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Filipino music has never felt more rich, diverse, and loved as it is today. Spanning generations and decades upon decades of different genres, styles, and messages, our diverse local music is rooted deep in our culture and history. There’s a reason why we show up and show out for every musical performance, whether it’s karaoke at your friend’s house or a full-out music festival featuring well-established musicians or up-and-coming indie artists!

Well, now we have the chance to show up and show out at Pinoy Playlist Music Festival 2023: Gunita At Mga Bukas, a 3-day music festival presented by the Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc. through BGC Arts Center and curated by National Artist for Music Maestro Ryan Cayabyab, Moy Ortiz, and Noel Ferrer. PPMF will feature a wide array of Filipino artists and musicians, performances, and conversations all about the past, present, and future of Filipino music.


Main poster Pinoy Playlist Music Festival 2023

From September 29 to October 1, there will be over 45 performances across three venues at the BGC Arts Center in Taguig City: the Globe Auditorium, the Zobel de Ayala Recital Hall, and the Sun Life Amphitheater. The sets are designed with photos from the Camera Club of the Philippines and digital art by local artists.

Filipino artists, solos and groups, will give their usual best while also performing something a little different. Each performance will bear a tinge of “change” from how it’s usually performed or heard on playlists. Whether you’re a music connoisseur or someone who sticks to one genre craving to explore the diverse genres offered, you’ll definitely find your niche—or find something new to love—at the event.

To honor those that made rippling waves in Filipino music, PPMF will also pay tribute to the Ryan Cayabyab Awardees of 2023, Alfonso “Coke” Bolipata, Mel Villena, and Regine Velasquez-Alcasid, with special performances on each day. Exemplifying the theme Gunita at Mga Bukas (“Memories and Futures”), these tributes, along with the entire event itself, is an amalgamation of the past, present, and future—an exploration of how Filipino music is a unique blend of all three as new artists, new genres, and new stories emerge through the art.


Day 1: Abby Clutario, Adjeng, Jasmine and Noelle, Joey Ayala, Mijon, Pauline Cueto, Raven, Sam Concepcion, Simon Tan Walotao, Sitti, & Tamara. Special tribute performances for Mr. Alfonso “Coke” Bolipata by Pundaquit Virtuosi & Steps Dance Studio.

Day 2: Autotelic, Ebe Dancel, 春 haru, Kammerchor Manila, Leanne and Naara, Of Mercury, Rivermaya, The Edralins, CHNDTR, Viva, Vicor, & Wild Dreams Records Artists: Amiel Sol, Matt Wilson, Nicole Abuda, & Rob Deniel, & Young Cocoa. Special tribute performances for Mr. Mel Villena by AMP Decktet, The CompanY, Mike Guevarra, & Mitch Valdes.

Day 3: Arman Ferrer, Davey Langit, Debonair District, Gary Granada, Janine Teñoso, Lara Maigue & Gian Magdangal, Nica Del Rosario, Room for Cielo, Therese Villarante’s “Girl With A Broken String” feat. Ivy Gallur & James Gulles, & The Nightingales. Special tribute performances for Ms. Regine Velasquez-Alcasid by Katrina Velarde, Phi Palmos, Trina Belamide, Ima Castro, Sweet Plantado-Tiongson, Jona, & Jed Madela.


Talks poster PPMF 2023

Besides the live performances, PPMF will also host talks and workshops that delve into the current issues and circumstances surrounding Filipino music and its artists—namely, songwriting, artificial intelligence, and the Filipino audience.

  • Day 1: “Filipino Songwriting: From Dreams to Sheet” with Trina Belamide, Jonathan Manalo, and Moy Ortiz
  • Day 2: “AI: Friend or Foe of Filipino Music?” with Thyro Alfaro, Gino Cruz, and Marlon Barnuevo, moderated by Maria Isabel Garcia
  • Day 3: “The Difficult Filipino Audience (Perfect Ka, Teh?)” with Direk Floy, Dexter Martinez Santos, and Paolo Valenciano

Pinoy Playlist Music Festival 2023 is all about the Filipino, and all about the music. Get your 1-Day Pass or Festival 3-day Passes via the TicketWorld website (or call 8891 9999) or at the BGC Arts Center TicketWorld Box Office.

For more information, visit their website and follow BGC Arts Center on Facebook for more updates. See you there!

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10 Filipino Songs We’re Manifesting To Hear BamBam Sing At His Upcoming Manila Concert

Let’s get the prayer circles ready.

Thai international superstar BamBam is coming to Manila! A few weeks before his show, he took to X to ask what Filipino songs he should perform—and his fans gave him plenty of options.

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Three things you should know about soloist and GOT7 member BamBam: first, he’s having a concert here in the Philippines on September 22 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum with special guest Sandara Park! AREA 52 is his first solo world tour, with stops in Manila, Seoul, Bangkok, Macau, and more.

Second, along with Dara, he could also be an honorary Filipino with the way he partakes in our meme (and drinking) culture. He says “shot punoalmost every chance he gets! And third, BamBam has been immersed in OPM for a while now. He’s performed Filipino song Ngiti by Ronnie Liang several times over the years, including during KPOP Masterz Manila last year.

So, when he asked his fans on X for Filipino song suggestions to sing at his concert, Bammies jumped at the chance to recommend upbeat dance songs, emotional ballads, and even threw in some joke songs for the idol to consider. Below are some of the frequently-suggested and top-liked songs that we hope he performs at the concert!


Following the trend of K-Pop idols dancing to SB19’S Gento, so many fans suggested the song to the idol, hoping for a full performance complete with the powerful choreo. If he does pick Gento, we know he’ll kill it.


Clear skies or otherwise, a Raining in Manila performance will surely brighten up our day. We’d love to see the idol sing it with a stadium full of people screaming it at the top of their lungs.


Another SB19 song makes it to BamBam’s replies! The R&B track would 100% be right up BamBam’s alley, as the artist’s solo music, like his track Subliminal, is infused with R&B and just as smooth.


Kicking off the Christmas season, this fan suggested Ben&Ben’s Bibingka, a wistful song that will surely make the night just that much sweeter.


This slow, nostalgic hit performed by Moira Dela Torre and Daniel Padilla in the 2019 Himig Handog music competition is soothing and romantic, and hearing BamBam sing it would totally be swoon-worthy.


The star, a jokester himself, is not safe from his own fans’ pranks, and suggestions like Jolina Magdangal’s upbeat Chuva Choo Choo would make for a hilarious moment in the show.


Leaves is beloved by a handful of K-Pop idols, and BamBam’s even heard the song himself! The fact that he already knows it gives this gorgeous track a leg up in the race.


Ikaw is an emotional Filipino ballad by singer-songwriter Yeng Constantino, emotional and romantic. Actor and artist Seo In-Guk also covered the song during his 2023 Manila fanmeeting as did Stray Kids’ Bang Chan during the group’s concert earlier this year! We can already see BamBam wholeheartedly throwing himself into singing those scream-worthy lyrics.


This wedding-themed love song is perfect for the idol who’s known to be a big flirt as he matches his own fans’ energy. Once he sings a song like this with his signature playful charm, it’s over for everyone in that stadium.


And of course, what’s an event in the Ber months without the Filipino Christmas song? Hopefully BamBam gets wind of our rich Christmas culture and he and his Bammies turn the Araneta Coliseum into one big caroling session.

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