DIY Chrome and Holo Nails With This Local Independent Artisan Nail Polish Brand

Level up your nails at home!

You don’t need to go to a salon to achieve the manicure of your dreams.

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Painting your own nails doesn’t have to be boring! You could achieve showstopping manicures just by using artisan nail polish handmade right here in the Philippines. An independent local brand, Paint Polish offers a wide selection of nail polish in a variety of colors and finishes, from dark, witchy multichromes to ethereal pastel holos.


Four years ago, Jerrica Galope’s day job was temporarily halted due to the pandemic. Around the same time, her interest in nail polish grew from a simple hobby to a business opportunity.

“There are no independent, handmade polishes in the Philippines and it was expensive to ship internationally,” she shares. During the pandemic, she was able to research how to mix her own formulas, source raw materials, and start her own business from scratch. Now, while still a small indie brand, Paint Polish is Filipinos’ own version of international brands specializing in specialty-finish polishes like Mooncat, Cirque Colors, and YouTuber SimplyNailogical’s Holo Taco.


Paint Polish offers locally-made, artisan polish that is free of 5 of the harmful chemicals commonly found in nail polish formulas. They also offer base coats, top coats, nail care products, custom polishes and even a DIY nail polish kit where you can mix up your own unique nail polish using pigments and glitters. Unleash your creativity and wear your heart on your nails by checking out some of their products below!

Holographic Nail Polish

Holographic nail polish makes use of glitter that reflects all the colors of the rainbow. The glitter could be different shapes and sizes and could also be suspended in different base colors and formulas. Paint Polish offers holo nail polish in rainbow colors, as well as specialty finishes that have a subtle holographic shimmer.

Magnetic Nail Polish

Magnetic nail polish is one of the most fun nail polishes to use. You need special magnets that will attract the magnetic pigment in the polish to create different lines, shapes, and designs. You can wear the polish on its own—it’ll look like a simple, shimmery duo- or multichrome—but when magnetized, the pattern creates depth and elevates your manicure to new heights. Paint Polish’s Zodiac and Spells collection (inspired by Harry Potter) include several magnetic polishes.

Duochrome/Multichrome Nail Polish

Duochrome and multichrome nail polish are where it’s at if you want to get people’s attention. The way the metallic-finish polish shifts from one color to another depending on the angle the light hits it makes for a versatile nail look that’s sure to get you compliments. Duochromes refer to pigment that shifts two colors, and multichromes refers to pigment that shifts to three or more.

Special Effects Polish

Paint Polish is known for releasing themed collections that look just as amazing on a shelf as the polish does on your nails. They’ve released a university campus-themed collection with metallic-finish nail polish, a coffee-themed collection in different shades of brown and mocha, a 7-piece BTS-themed collection, and even a boba milk tea-inspired collection. Among these collections, specialty finishes range from speckled and iridescent to holographic and even reflective!

Paint Polish primarily operates online, but has popped up in bazaars where they also offer DIY polish-making sessions where customers got to customize their own polish!

As nail polish and nail art grow in popularity in the Philippines, this nail polish brand is bringing what is huge abroad back home in its own unique ways. Explore ways you can experiment with local brands and see what our vibrant creative and beauty culture has to offer!

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