5 Ways SOMI Is Giving It Girl Energy In Her New Comeback

She's finally out of that basement.

Everything about the talented SOMI’s long-awaited comeback solidifies her place on the it-girl roster.

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South Korean-Canadian K-pop idol Jeon Somi, or simply Somi, finally released a new album after two years! The singer released her new EP Game Plan on August 7 with the title track Fast Forward that’s right at home at the clubs with its British house pop sound.

And in case you didn’t know, Somi’s been an it girl since she won Produce 101 and became a member of the now-disbanded project girl group I.O.I. Since going solo, she’s steadily found both her sound and success and shown to the world that she deserves it girl status. Her most recent comeback, filled with good music, fun collaborations, and heaps of fun, is further proof. Here are just some moments during her promotions that radiated it girl energy.



IM READY 나 신나냐 혹시…

♬ 오리지널 사운드 – JEON SOMI

We all know how talented of a singer, dancer, and performer Somi is. How do you think she got first place in Produce 101? Her comebacks always feature strong vocals and anthemic choruses that will get you belting out the lyrics, too. Even when she’s rolling around in an office chair and singing for fun, her vocals ring melodious and clear as day.


@somi_official_ #JEONSOMI x #THEBOYZ #FastForwardChallenge #전소미 #FastForward #GAMEPLAN #JEONSOMI_GAMEPLAN_20230807 #더보이즈 #JUYEON #주연 #ERIC #에릭 #THEBLACKLABEL #더블랙레이블 @THE BOYZ ♬ Fast Forward – 전소미

If you’ve scrolled through TikTok recently, you might have come across one of Somi’s TikTok videos where she’s dancing Fast Forward with her fellow K-pop idols and co-workers in the industry. From her backup dancers to TAEYANG, aespa’s Giselle to THE BOYZ, every single one of Somi’s quick collabs are a treat to watch. The choreography, the way Somi has it down to a T, and the presence of other stars made for endless, enjoyable scrolling.


@somi_official_ #JEONSOMI feat. #DANCER #FastForwardChallenge #전소미 #FastForward #GAMEPLAN #JEONSOMI_GAMEPLAN_20230807 #더블랙레이블 #THEBLACKLABEL #YGX #와이지엑스 #어때 #eoddae #1MILLION #원밀리언 #커밍아웃크루 #ComingOutCrew #BabyZoo #베이비주 #이조 #Ejo #루트 #ROOT #제이미 #JAYME #킹키 #KINKY #콴즈 #QUANZ #NewMusic #PopMusic ♬ Fast Forward – 전소미

Somi’s been a style queen since forever, and the outfits, hair, and accessories for this comeback have all been nothing short of excellent. Trendy, edgy, and with a hint of girlish fun, her styling is always cohesive and well-thought-out, right down to the makeup and nail art.


Clips from Somi’s album release party got the internet joking about how K-Pop idols don’t know how to party, but clearly, she does. Somi’s always been fun and cheerful, charming and funny, and it makes sense that she would bring people together for a night of fun and celebration that got stans abuzz.


Somi’s using all that charm and humor as she takes on a new role as the host of new online talk show Yes or Hot on YouTube channel TEO. In the very first episode, “Hot Girl Jeon Somi” talks to her friend, soloist, ad one of the OG baddies HyunA and they take turns asking each other spicy questions and talking about everything from the industry to their dating lives. Somi’s own version of viral YouTube series Hot Ones, the show is promising in its concept and hilarious to watch. We can’t wait to see the rest of her guest stars.

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