7 Songs From P-Pop Groups That Show How Grateful They Are To Their Fans

Nothing like the love between artist and fan.

From SB19 to BINI, these songs from P-pop groups express all the love and gratitude these artists have for each other, their fans, and the music and magic they all make together.

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One of the most unique things about loving music these days is how connected musicians are to their supporters and fans—for the better, for the most part. It allows both artists and fans to develop a bond together through music and understand each other in certain ways. Among the feelings cultivated between them, gratitude rises high as artist and fan both help each other keep going.

And in shows of gratitude, musicians often write and perform songs that show just how much they love their fans. Endlessly thankful P-pop groups are no exception. From fan songs to tracks about the band’s journey and tunes imparting reassurance and strength, these seven tracks from HORI7ON, SB19, BINI, G22, Press Hit Play, BGYO, and VXON mean something special to both artist and their ever-supportive fans.


The seven young members of global group HORI7ON bare their love for their fans in aptly-named Salamat, a pre-debut single that serves as a letter of love and gratitude to their ANCHORs—their fans that have supported them. Salamat captures the emotions felt all throughout HORI7ON’s journey from survival show Dream Maker to all the milestones they’ve achieved since they debuted.


SB19’s ever-rising popularity as a pioneer P-pop group shows no sign of stopping, but they’ve always sought to remain grounded and thankful for the opportunities they’ve been given. SLMT is a fun, upbeat track that expresses the 5-member group’s thanks to the people that have believed in them. Why is the title missing an A, you ask? That’s because the A is their fans, their A’TIN.

8 – BINI

Eight-member girl group BINI offers lovely lyrics and a sweet message of strength in 8, a cut from their debut album Born To Win. Singing about standing strong despite the doubt and working together towards their dreams, BINI promises to stay together until the end: “Walo hanggang dulo.” The sentiment has become a popular saying among their fandom of BLOOMs.


The recently-released Musika cover by G22 is their first project as a trio after member Bianca left in September. Musika is originally by singer-songwriter Dionela, but G22 added new meaning to the song as they provide reassurance to their fans that they fully intend to continue making music and connecting with their fans together.


It’s all for you, all for you / Bituin aabutin, because of you,” four-member P-pop band Press Hit Play sings. Sambit is a heartwarming song telling the story of the band’s journey—all the struggles and the challenges. It emphasizes how much they value all those who stuck by them and the love, encouragement, and support it takes to reach a dream.


This uplifting and catchy song is like if BGYO themselves are holding your hand through life. Through lyrics like “Sakin ka muna magpahinga” and “Humingang malalim tumingin sa akin / Kasama mo ako di ka mabibigo,” the 5-member P-pop band conveys inspiration and encouragement as they remind fans of their value. Panahon exemplifies what fans mean when they say “this song is so healing.”


A promise to hold on despite uncertainty, VXON’s Dulo is an emotional ballad celebrating their first year in the industry. Written by Franz, the group’s lyricist and composer, Dulo highlights the relationship they formed with each other as members and the one they formed with the people who have supported and stayed with them. “Continue to trust,” they say in a clip in the video, “and we will give everything we have.”

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