5 Ways SB19 Is Ushering In A New Era Together With Their Fans

Reaching new heights.

This 2023, SB19 has made some big changes and hit several milestones as they continue to blaze their way through the world. As their 5th anniversary nears, here’s how they’re coming into an exciting new era.

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There’s no doubt that five-member Filipino pop group SB19 continues to be an unstoppable force of nature. Championing Filipino talent going global, the group is achieving milestone after milestone as they continue to chase their dreams and pave the way for local acts.

This year, from the release of their second EP Pagtatag! to their new, personal podcast, SB19 has embarked on another journey as a unit and as musicians—and they show no signs of slowing down. Half a decade in the business has not dulled their artistry, their love for their fans, and their desire to tell their story. As they near their fifth anniversary, the group is reaching towards new heights while remaining grounded to who they are. So this October, Pablo, Stell, Justin, Ken, and Josh promise an entire month of events celebrating how far they’ve come, and how much farther they’re going to go.


@officialsb19 1 day ‘til the release of PAGTATAG! EP. Mag GENTO GENTO muna tayo while waiting. 🫣 #SB19PAGTATAG #PAGTATAG #SB19 #SB19GENTO #GENTO ♬ GENTO – SB19

What else signifies going bigger and bolder than SB19’s absolute hit Gento? The song, which went staggeringly viral, was covered by a whole slew of K-Pop idols and reached two Billboard charts. There’s no doubt it marked a full-circle moment for the group given that they were inspired and influenced by global acts. The success of Gento was also accompanied by the success of their second international tour across the Philippines and North America.


In a video all about the new direction SB19 is taking to achieve their dreams, the band explained that starting their own company 1Z Entertainment was a move to take control of their work and their future. The band has always been hands-on with their projects, and this move ensures they have more of a say in their craft. 1Z Entertainment isn’t just something for SB19, though—they envision it as a way to make changes in the Filipino music industry.


It’s fitting that one of SB19’s events this October was Pepsi Pulse 2023, a launch aptly themed Be Part Of A New Era. The group headlined the event, performing in their usual explosive manner. As they celebrated a new era with the brand, one can’t help but think about how the band itself was celebrating their own new era after they left old management and started down their own path.


One of the major October events the group has in store is the One Zone: SB19 Half a Decade Celebration Fanmeet! On October 28, 2023 at the Araneta Coliseum the band will host a special anniversary fanmeet for their beloved A’TINs to celebrate all that they’ve achieved in the last five years and everything more to come.


SB19 podcast


As fans, we mostly see our idols performing or joking around in variety shows. It’s always special when they take time to share their honest thoughts and opinions, perspectives, and advice, whether through a livestream or episodes from Mindset by DIVE Studios. Similarly, another October special from SB19 features a peek into the members’ lives and minds as they start their own podcast, Atin Atin Lang, where they’ll be having open and honest conversations about “life, career, and everything else amongst themselves” every Monday this October on Spotify. The first episode is all about “Finding and Losing Relationships,” a relevant subject befitting those of us who are embarking on new journeys ourselves.

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