New Product Alert! This Gen Z Beauty Brand’s New Collection is an Obsession

Live your main character moment.

Move over! The Gen Z trendsetters are here to slay and pop off with the newest Generation Dazzle Me collection

A lot has been said about the Gen Z community, but the truth remains: our generation is taking the world by storm. We’re unafraid to make big and bold movements that give us the freedom to express who we really are and what we want to do in life.

From mixing the natural hues of our hair with bright blues and purples to making our own dance craze, we set the tempo of what’s in and out. As the epitome of the digital generation, selfies and vitamin sea ‘gram-worthy pics must be the best expression of our best looks. 

The perfect beauty ammo is the Generation Dazzle Me collection. Launched last July 2022, the beauty brand was founded by a group of young beauty enthusiasts and experts worldwide, which is superb because who can better give us the glow-up we deserve?

Main Character Moment

To refresh, re-introduce, and strengthen the association of the Dazzle Me brand with the Gen Z community, they began with an idea: The Generation Dazzle Me campaign. This campaign alludes to future change-makers ready to shape the future faces and phases of beauty—yes, it’s you. It’s us. 

Through this collection, Dazzle Me encourages us to be our most authentic selves and to be unafraid to discover beyond norms. Here’s what the Generation Dazzle Me collection has in store for us to give us that main character moment: 

Misty Matte Lip Cream

This is a soft-blur lip cream that will never dry out our lips. It delivers full pigment and sets to a soft matte finish without emphasizing lip lines. With a soft-blur finish, it sets to a soft-matte texture without emphasizing lip lines and does not feel tight.

What’s more, it’s a lip-loving matte. It looks matte, but lips are enveloped with hyaluronic acid, jojoba seed oil, and shea butter for a non-sticky and non-drying feel. Because of its foolproof formula, it stays put all day—mask-, smudge-, and water-proof.

Glossip Girl Lip Cream

Get ready to feel like one of the beautiful socialites on Manhattan’s Upper East Side with Glossip Girl Lip Cream. This lip cream is a gloss-to-stain formula that provides the luster of a gloss, pigment of a lip cream, and stain of a tint.

With a gloss-to-stain finish, it dries down to a pigmented, glossy sheen and fades into a moisturizing yet long-lasting stain. It has no sticky feel as the creme-gel consistency smooths over the lips. Lastly, it is infused with 4D Hyaluronic Acid that drenches lips in hydration and leaves long-lasting moisture even after taking it off.

Heart-Melt Creamy Liquid Blush

Heart eyes for this buildable hybrid formula blush that seamlessly blends into skin for a long-lasting flush of color. Its unique staying power has a liquid-to-creamy texture that lasts longer than a powder blush.

Seamlessly blending like a dream to create a subtle or vividly flushed look without caking, it can be used as blush and eyeshadow for an easy monochromatic look.

24/7 Wonderfullip Serum

Serums are like magic potions that grant healing and afterglow effects. This serum is a multi-purpose lip topper and treatment that conditions lips, brightens lip color, and reduces the appearance of lip lines while providing lasting moisture.

It also performs double duty: As a lip topper, it adds extra shine and subtle tint. As a lip treatment, even flaky lips are provided supple nourishment and rehydration overnight. Infused with skin-friendly and plant-derived ingredients for safe day and night use, it feels almost weightless and effortless to achieve glass lips without stickiness.

We are the social media savvies of the world. We will never be afraid to try something new because we move forward into the future with a sprinkle of gloss and sparkle that braves through the old and goes out with a bang. 

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