We All Need To Hear Arshie Larga’s Message About Responsible Content Creation

Here’s to positive content creation.

When creator and pharmacist Arshie Larga accepted the Creator of the Year Award at the TikTok Awards Philippines 2023, he imparted a valuable message through his speech about honorable and responsible content creation.

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In the wake of Maggie Wilson’s recent issue with a smear campaign involving content creators, plenty of questions and concerns regarding misinformation and disinformation systems have been circulating online. If certain people can orchestrate such a damaging and widespread smear campaign and involve a number of influential people, how else have people with money influenced people in this way prior to this instance? How else has social media been weaponized in this way?

Involved creators have come forward to apologize and be upfront about the situation, but the damage has been done and the system exposed in a big way. Creator Sassa Gurl weighed in on the situation recently, emphasizing the power of the platform they have and the responsibility of content creators to research before utilizing their platform to spread information and influence the audience that trusts them.

As the TikTok Awards Philippines 2023 commenced on Saturday, September 30, it allowed an exploration of these issues and concerns. As TikTok Creator of the Year Arshie Larga, licensed pharmacist, accepted his award, he was able to reflect on the responsibilities content creators carry and impart a message that all of us should keep in mind whether we’re a content creator or simply a consumer.


Marinduque-based Arshie Larga is known for his informational and often humorous medical TikToks. His content includes debunking medical and pharmaceutical myths and misconceptions, answering questions the public has about medicine, and offering support to those who may not be able to afford medicine healthcare. As a trusted resource and consistent with his work, he’s been able to build a following and a community.

“Pahalagahan natin ang community na ating na-build,” he writes in a social media post after the awards.

For his dedication to helping the community and using his platform for good, Arshie is deserving of the TikTok Creator of the Year award. His win crystallizes the value of social media and content to us as a community—how influence is power, and how power can be used to uplift, aid, and support people instead of tearing them down for a check.


Arshie ended his speech by making a timely and relevant statement regarding responsible content creation. Essentially, he commented on the responsibility of content creators to do the right thing and not let greed get the better of their humanity.

“As [content creators], let’s always use our platforms wisely and responsibly, and yung clout natin gamitin din natin sa tamang paraan, not only just to entertain but also to inspire people.”

And while money is a large part of content creation, he encourages creators to be more discerning and honorable when dealing with it. Content creation can be a lucrative career, and people desire to acquire money for plenty of valid reasons. But when it comes to choosing between money and one’s ethics and morals, the responsibility one carries as an influential person, and what we owe each other as human beings—kindness, decency, and truth, to name a few—we should examine our priorities and re-evaluate what kind of people and creators we want to be.

Arshie says, “Huwag tayong papasilaw sa pera. Ang pera ay kikitain pa natin PERO ang tiwala ng mga tao sa atin ay mahirap makuha o maibalik sa oras na ito’y ating sinira.”

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