How BLACKPINK Is Taking Over Gaming, One Platform At A Time

BLINKs in their gamer era.

BLACKPINK is dominating the gaming spaces, collaborating with one fun community gaming platform after another!

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BLACKPINK is in your area—your gaming area, to be precise! Aside from slaying in the real world, the YG Entertainment girl group made up of superstars Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo, and Rosé have also made their way to the digital realm. The group has collaborated quite a few times with both PC and mobile games, proving that wherever they go, they always bring their signature musicality and impeccable style. Whether it’s a set of avatars with stylish outfits or an immersive storyline, each BLACKPINK game experience is cute, fun, and totally unique. Here are a few of those times where the ladies took over gaming like a boss.


The latest BLACKPINK game collaboration, BLACKPINK THE PALACE, launched August 25th on popular online game platform Roblox. The immersive experience allows fans and players to gather in a BLACKPINK-themed setting, decorate it, and host parties and games within the palace and the grounds. The members’ avatars will also pop up here and there for photo ops and interactive opportunities.


The girl group has collaborated with hugely popular battle royale game PUBG twice: first in PUBG: Battlegrounds where they released a huge number of themed customizations that can make the gaming experience completely decked out in BLACKPINK gear such as outfits and supply crates. For the second time, they collaborated with PUBG: Mobile to hold an in-game virtual concert called BLACKPINK: The Virtual where the group’s special avatars performed. They also released a special track Ready for Love with an animated music video in collaboration with the game in July 2022, their first Korean release since The Album in 2020. Ready for Love was also included as the 8th track in their second studio album Born Pink (2022).


We as a society simply can’t resist making little avatars and dressing them up, can we? When Korean metaverse app Zepeto blew up social media, people were able to do just that very thing—customize their avatars, dress them up, take photos with their avatar friends, and get creative. During the height of the pandemic, BLACKPINK partnered with Zepeto to hold the “world’s first virtual fansign” on the platform. BLINKs could interact with the girls’ avatars, win prizes like outfits and badges, and also watch a special Ice Cream performance with Selena Gomez!


Lastly, of course, BLACKPINK launched their own mobile game BLACKPINK: The Game earlier this year, where players can play as the girls’ producer and agency manager, complete puzzles and objectives to level up their own BP members, play minigames with friends, dress up the member avatars in cute little outfits, collect photo and video cards, and more!

The group also dropped a banging OST for the game, The Girls, on August 25 with an adorable and stylish animated video. They also celebrated the release with a party and fun games. The members revealed that they played the game themselves, and Jisoo even shared that she’s spent money on dressing up the other members in the game and interacted with several fans (even though no one recognized her in the game).

Though unusual, it’s not unheard of for artists, brands, and personalities to collaborate with games. For instance, multiplayer obstacle course game Stumble Guys recently collaborated with the Barbie movie and Mr. Beast, and Nicki Minaj is now a playable character in Call of Duty! In the end, you get to have fun playing a game and feel even more connected to it as you play as, with, or alongside artists you love. Who knows, you might just run into one of the members in an online game.

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Try These 5 Monochromatic Outfit Ideas By BLACKPINK’S Jennie Kim

She's always serving a monochrome moment.

If you think you’re not that Typa Girl, here’s how to style monochromatic outfits like Jennie Kim.

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It’s not like we’re keeping tally, but Jennie Kim is THAT typa girl (yes, pun intended). ICYDK, the lead vocalist and main rapper of BLACKPINK isn’t only recognized within the music scene, she’s also an actress and totally slaying it as a style icon. With top-tier brands signing her left and right, the ‘human Chanel’ brings her A-game to red carpets, concerts, and more runway shows than you can count. To top it all off, Jennie’s off-duty outfits scream in full volume. Now, if there’s one thing we noticed about her signature style, she is the happiest girl in monochromatic outfits.

No cap, spotting a celeb rocking an all-black ensemble isn’t exactly a shocker. And catching an influencer flexing on the Gram in complete neutrals? Totally normal. But going all-out over hot pink? A full fiery red? We must say, the monochrome style of Jennie Kim is a steal-worthy mood.

Classic Monochrome in Black

Making a statement demands more than just the threads—it demands attitude. And when we’re talking about Jennie Kim? She has consistently struck a balance between the good girl image and a bad girl edge. It’s a combo that’s undeniable, and a black monochromatic ensemble is a style straight from her playbook.

For a spontaneous trip to Paris, Jennie wore a head-to-toe tweed piece that costs a pretty penny. The shimmering tweed jacket and vest valued at ₱488,500 and ₱290,000 respectively. Of course, the whole Chanel look was complemented by a matching mini flap bag with a price tag of ₱295,300. Whew, that look is literally worth a million bucks.

Born Pretty in Pink

When Jennie Kim isn’t serving Chanel, she’s a frontrow fave in Jacquemus. Being a close friend of the fashion designer, Jennie her support to the brand, such as at the Spring 2022 runway show in Hawaii.

In a beach setting, the singer donned a knitted Pepto-Bismol set paired with accessories that were sweet, but not sugary. As spotted on the Gram, her fuchsia-pink Les Carrés Ronds sandals stole the show as a delightful treat. Needless to say, Jennie Kim was born pretty in pink.

Ravishing Reds

Spotted shortly in another runway show, Jennie played the classic Chanel fashion card. As the fiery face of iconic French house since 2018, she stunned in a red bouclé tweed set comprised of a cropped vest and a mini skirt. To accessorize, she stacked Coco Crush rings and a pearl choker with a double logo. Of course, the look wouldn’t be complete without an iconic Chanel handbag—Jennie’s bag of choice.

Lavender Haze

Whether she’s snapped by the paparazzi during her day-to-day activities or caught fresh from the airport, Jennie Kim’s off-duty style is effortlessly cool and cozy. As seen on Instagram, her lavender sweater and sweatpants combo serves as a refreshing reminder that we don’t have to compromise comfort for style.

Casual Cool in Blue

Graphic tees and cardigans doesn’t have to mean casual. Take a page from Jennie Kim’s style diary and look laidback in a blue monochrome. And if you wanna add a final touch, headbands are a no-fail accessory.

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GUESS’s Latest Collab Is the All-Smiles Aesthetic of the Summer


The GUESS x FriendsWithYou Capsule Collection was built for the spring fever, but we believe rocking it under the summer sun will feel just as breezy

Guess Greater China Brand Ambassador Oho Ou

GUESS is pulling out all the stops for its latest campaign with art collaborative FriendsWithYou. While the all-smiles collection was tailored for the Californian springtime, we can’t help but be reminded of an ardently warmer, but equally blissful vacation season on this side of the planet, at this time of the year. Let’s unravel the chic summer wardrobe that we can finally assemble with GUESS’s freshest team-up of 2021.

Built For The Heat

Spring is the season of renewal, rebirth, and of course, spring break. These are concepts that the collection embodies tactfully in its plucky use of childlike colors and kidswear-inspired designs. In this manner, the #GUESSxFriendsWithYou collection also manages to mirror the traits of spring’s warmer cousin, summer—well, the Phillippine summer to be exact. Don’t believe us? Here are a couple of quirks we found.

This baby yellow Cloud Tote fits as a matchable, cute hand-carry for your next summer trip. Cross your fingers that your next vacation won’t be ordinary, but rather a trip to any of the Philippines’s captivating collection of beaches.

Tagging along this beach escapade concept, this darling pair of rainbow-drenched Striped Shorts is the perfect choice of bottoms to frolic around the white sands with. 

A summer vacation may also mean snuggling at home; controller or remote in-hand, while you blast the cool winds of the air-conditioner on. These cloud-covered hoodies will do the trick in keeping you feeling cozy and looking cool at the same time.

The Trademark Boldness Remains

GUESS is no stranger to campaigns with intrepid statements. In this collaboration, the method to the Los Angeles-based collective’s madness was renewed with more subtle sensibilities.

Guess Greater China Brand Ambassador Oho Ou

Donning the hashtag of #TheLoveCollection, GUESS aims to incorporate the 19-year old collaborative’s powerful positivity philosophy, founded upon the pillars of Magic, Luck, and Friendship. Something noteworthy in this incorporation is that the collection was also able to express the freedom of Philippine summer to a tee. Here are a couple of our favorites that really capture the parallel:

This cartoon-laced Cropped Tee and Camp Shirt made us reminisce of the giddy, innocent bliss that every child felt in their stomach whenever school had ended in April.

The clouds and rainbows adorning this Tie-Dye Baby Tee, on the other hand, may symbolize the seasonal transitions of spring; but to us, it also captivates the untainted joy of playgrounds.

Taking Collabs To The Next Level

From 88rising to Blackpink, GUESS has placed itself at the forefront of fashion’s blurred borders with music and art, being unafraid to create entire collections that represent underground cultures like no other. With J Balvin suiting up for GUESS once again, this collab doubles down even further on the loose, groovy swagger that the Colombian reggaeton star’s signature sounds ooze in. This is no less visible with this dreamy Tie-Dye Crewneck & Jogger combination.

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This Stripe Logo Patch Tee not only looks like the perfect T-shirt for a hangout with your friends, but it also reminds us of the iconic tees brandished in GUESS’s first collaboration with New York rapper A$AP Rocky.

With a complete collection that yet again stretches the boundaries of streetwear creativity, GUESS establishes its foothold yet again in what has been a dynamic era in streetwear for 2021.

The GUESS x FriendsWithYou will launch this summer, and will be available at all GUESS stores nationwide and at the GUESS online store. To stay up to date, follow GUESS over at their Instagram and Facebook pages.

Ella Cruz Blackpink

Remember When Ella Cruz Stunned Blackpink With Her Dance Moves?

The performance lives in our minds rent-free.

It’s been more than a year since the performance, but we are still not over what Ella Cruz did.

You probably know who Ella Cruz is. She is an actress, amazing dancer, and occasional motorcycle racer. Chances are you probably saw her on TV in her acting roles or her viral dance performances. Did you also know though that she danced in front of Blackpink? Yes, you read that right, and not only was she great, but their reaction also went viral in the process. If this is the first time you have learned of this, let us take you down memory lane. And if you already know this, it doesn’t hurt to reminisce, because it was that epic.

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Ella Cruz and Blackpink

Ella Cruz has not been shy about her love and appreciation for Blackpink. On numerous occasions, Ella has said that Blackpink is her international idol and role model. In fact, she actually met the girls in 2017 when she flew to South Korea to attend one of Blackpink’s music show performances during their As If It’s Your Last Era. She also went to their pop-up store and the event where the group was giving out ice cream to fans. Ella vlogged herself unboxing the Blackpink lightstick and for her 23rd birthday, her birthday gift was the Samsung Galaxy A80 Blackpink edition with matching earbuds and watch. She even got to meet Blackpink again when they had their Shopee meet and greet in Manila in 2019. Not to mention she’s also done dance covers of their songs on her YouTube channel.

Dancing for Blackpink

Ella Cruz’s journey to dancing for Blackpink started in December 2019 when she was informed by Viva that Blackpink was holding a dance cover competition sponsored by Samsung in Indonesia called Awesome Live with Blackpink. Samsung PH wanted Ella Cruz to represent the Philippines in the dance competition, to which she said yes. She only had three days to prepare for the competition, she couldn’t bring a hair and makeup stylist with her, their rehearsal music was wrong, and to top it all off, the day before her flight, Mt. Taal erupted and there was a fear that her flight would be canceled. But despite all the hardships and nerves, Ella and her two exceptional dancers killed the performance.

Joined by SB newgen Daphny and newgen Eunice and choreographed by Macky Quiobe, Ella Cruz showed up and showed out. Based on Blackpink’s reaction, you can tell it was a moment to remember.

Pinay dancer Ella Cruz and team wow BLACKPINK's Lisa

Same Lisa, Same.

Their team, Gabriela Philippines, won “awesome cover” and Ella even got to answer a question and shake Jisoo’s hand.

If you want to know more about the performance, check out Ella’s vlog about the experience.

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12 Celebrity Fangirls And Who They Actually Stan

Here are The Beauty Products That Blackpink’s LISA Can’t Live Without

How you like that, BLINKS?

Hailed as the “Prettiest Face in Asia,” MAC Cosmetics finally unveils their collaboration with the Korean multi-hyphenate, Lisa Manoban and we are lovesick. Announced early October as the makeup brand’s newest global ambassador, the Frosted Firework collection adds shimmer on the right places, bursting with glitter and shine from killing it on stage to just chillin’ at home. Below are the products Lisa can’t live without.

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Keep all things shiny balanced with a matte, natural lippie.


Colored liners may be the look of the year, but sparkles will always outshine them all. Especially when complemented with a sharp cat eye.


A lip balm that doubles as a blush-on? Yes please!

That’s just a sneak peek of the must-haves from their collaboration with the global ambassadress. View the rest of the holiday collection here.

MAC Cosmetics is available at SM Megamall, Glorietta, Power Plant Mall, SM Mall of Asia, SM Southmall, Rustan’s and Lazada.