Your Favorite Attack On Titan Characters Want You To Mind Your Skincare

Because you can't go into battle without having perfect skin.

The Attack On Titan characters know how to kick ass, but they also know how to take care of their skin as well.

Every since the Attack On Titan manga was first printed in 2009 and the anime aired in 2013, the property has become one of the most popular and hottest in recent years. The show’s unequalled popularity has catapulted Attack On Titan to be a fan favorite all over the world, from Tokyo to Paris, and Los Angeles. In fact, the manga is still selling out in Japan while the anime is currently on its 4th season with the 1st half-season finale recently airing.

While fans wait in anticipation for the second half of the 4th season to air, they have new Attack On Titan content to devour, but it comes from an unlikely source.

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Japanese cosmetics and skincare brand, Shiseido, recently tapped Attack On Titan characters, both humans and Titans, to be the face of their men’s skincare line, Shiseido uno.

Repurposed Commercials

Aside from promo pictures that show off the characters with smooth and supple skin, there were also four videos released featuring different Attack On Titan characters. There are 15 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds, and 1-minute commercials that feature actual scenes from the 4th season of the show, but with new lines as the characters talk about their skincare issues like dry skin. Check them out below:

15 second commercial featuring Erin

20 second commercial featuring Levi and Zeke

30 second ad featuring Levi and some Titans

1 minuted commercial featuring Reiner, Erin, and Falco

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