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We’re Charmed: 6 Ways You Can Use Your Charms And Keychains

Charming ✨

Easily jazz up your style (and all your things, TBH) with a few charms!

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Dust off your old chains, beads, and charms, or stock up on new ones, because it’s charm season! The rising interest in and popularity of maximalism and anik-anik allows for people to go all-out with everything, from interior design to style, and the exciting part about it is seeing their personalities come through in the way they personalize or decorate their things or spaces.

Uniqueness is a clear factor in why charms are having their moment. There are plenty of charms, keychains, and little trinkets that can be attached to anything, anywhere, and it makes for a look special to the owner. You can attach collectibles in their little holders. Charms can be handmade or bought on their own. They can be made from beads, gems, metal, enamel, or crochet, among other things, and they can be found everywhere. From charms on bags to jewelry, you can go wild, go glam, or go ridiculous with your selection of charms—it’s all up to you.

You don’t even have to be a self-professed anik-anik girlie to have fun with charms and keychains. If you’re ever feeling blah with an outfit, hook a chain through a few elements and you’re instantly quirky, fun, and interesting to look at. If you’re down to power through through every “clink-clink” and “hala, nahulog yung charm” (because they look so cute), here are a few items you can attach charms onto to truly make them your own.


One of the hottest trends of 2024 is bag charms, and you can see how creative people can get whether you’re in school or at a concert. From Sonny Angel holders and doll display boxes to beaded chains and handmade clay charms, your bag can get all nice and dressed up for any occasion—and have its own personality and versatility!

Mix and match with chains, beaded charms, figurines and even mini stuffed toys to really get that eclectic, vibrant, and ultra-fun vibe.


@6illydawn I call it ‘swampy glam’ ✨💚 #crocs #diy #shrek #jibbitz ♬ As It Was – Harry Styles

It’s time to take slaying from head-to-toe to the next level. With Crocs being back in style, shoe charms are also having their time in the spotlight. You can have a central theme to your customized shoes, like summery and beachy or “swampy glam”. And Jibbitz aren’t the only thing in abundance these days. The ways in which shoes can be jazzed up with keychains or charms are endless—and you don’t even have to pick up new pairs.

@connie.wi Replying to @🧬 Stephanie 🌸 the tutorial 🎀🖤 #decoratingsambas #adidassamba #blacksambas ♬ Chillout Lofi Hip Hop F(884707) – musicabeats

You can attach keychains to the loops in your boots, or thread them through the laces of your sneakers for a creative, fun, and remarkably easy way to show off your personality ’til the tips of your toes.


Out with dainty, minimalist jewelry, and in with chunky, dangly, colorful accessories! Of course, trends shouldn’t dictate your style, so you can wear whichever, but charms on jewelry is the way to go with your accessories right now. Chunky, vintage, and unique charmed jewelry are having their moment, and we love to see it.

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From making your own charm necklaces and bracelets at shops like Russet Accessories or Roobie, to digging out charms from your (or your mom’s) 2000s jewelry box, accessorize with charmed jewelry to add that extra bit of oomph to your outfits. You can tell a story with a collection of charms adorning your neck or wrist or ankle—and it’s just super fun to wear.


Pull a page from Gentle Monster’s collaboration with BLACKPINK’s Jennie and attach a charm to your glasses or sunglasses to add some personality to your otherwise plain frames. You don’t even need to acquire the admittedly not-so-budget-friendly frames collection from Gentle Monster—you can totally DIY it.


Practicality meets pure fun when you attach charms and beaded wrist straps to your phone. Phone charms can not only help you from dropping your phone (or having it snatched right out of your hands). It’s great for the same reason we love having fun phone cases—they add that extra layer of personality to an otherwise boring and standardized phone.


Yes, even your binders, planners, and notebooks can be spiced up with a couple of chains and charms, and you might even find yourself more enticed to use them more frequently. You could attach charms and keychains to closing flaps, spirals, binder rings, and zippers of everything from your photocard binder to your NYLON Manila MyZine.

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