These Students Might Just Be The Future Of Philippine Marketing

They've got marketing moves.

The 32nd Agora Youth Awards looks to champion a new batch of college marketing students and orgs with a focus on sustainability.

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For over three decades, the Agora Youth Awards has been empowering the youth and spotlighting hundreds of young people as some of the best marketing students in the country. These students have been recognized for their ingenuity, spirit, and talent as young changemakers who have a part to play in the future of marketing and business in the Philippines. For its 32nd edition, the Agora Youth Awards is recognizing once more young marketing changemakers from colleges and universities across the country, with AGC Power Holdings Corp. (AGC PHC) serving as a co-presenter, acknowledging the youth’s part to play in business. 


Hosted by the Philippine Marketing Association (PMA) and the Philippine Junior Marketing Association (PJMA), the 32nd Agora Youth Awards acknowledges the power of Gen Z to bring about change in major fields, such as marketing. Nearly everything that people do, whether it be intentional or on a whim, has some form of marketing behind it. Even if they aren’t yet graduates, the young marketing students, and select marketing orgs, set to be awarded this 2024 are seen as future trailblazers and potential leaders in the industry who hope to use its influence for the good. 


Behind a changemaker, after all, isn’t just limited to getting perfect scores on quizzes, but also the positive impact and ideas they bring to the community. That’s reflected by the five key areas the Agora Youth Awards used to determine this year’s honorees: academic performance, extracurricular achievement, marketing acumen, values, and personality. 

In keeping up with the changing needs of the times, this year’s Agora Youth Awards focuses on the theme of sustainable innovation, recognizing companies’ role in the climate crisis and the need to do better, and AI, with how it is a major question mark for society moving forward. 


“This year, we are celebrating our 70th year with our theme: ‘SustaAInability Marketing’, shared Leah Marie Ayeng, Director of Youth Academe. “We, as marketers are all responsible for a huge amount of trashes from packaging to promotional materials. We need to make conscious efforts and be intentional about taking action. AI is however a game changer. It is important that we adapt and make use of it responsibly. It is supposed to help us make our tasks easier and to connect to the world in a faster phase. Both AI and Sustainability should be integrated into our business to realize its long term benefits.” 

Following a months-long search, the individual and organization awardees are set to be recognized at the Sequoia Hotel Manila Bay, Parañaque City on July 31. 

Photos by Kieran Punay

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