Stray Kids thunderous

Stray Kids Bring The Thunder And Noise In Their Thunderous Comeback

Man, I'm not sorry.

With Thunderous, Stray Kids is telling the world their ready to dominate and do their own thing despite what the haters may say.

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It’s safe to say a lot of people have been waiting for Stray Kids to release new music. After all, they did release some of the best K-Pop songs of 2020 in God’s Menu and Back Door. And them winning Kingdom: Legendary War just made the anticipation go through the roof. After series of teasers, Stays now finally can rejoice as Stray Kids are back and just dropped their new song Thunderous as they continue to show that their recent success isn’t a fluke.

As the name suggests, Thunderous, written and produced by 3RACHA (Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han) is a pulsating pop-hip-hop-inspired track that immediately gets the listener’s attention. If Changbin starting of the song and including his own name won’t get you hooked, then the cracking and resonating chorus will leave a lasting impact.

The track sees the boys sing about their haters and that, despite their constant nagging, they remain unbothered by what they have to say about them. In fact, they will continue to do what they do in their own style and carve their own successful road. The epic music video, meanwhile, has the group dressed in a series of red, black, and white outfits as they dance in locations set in feudal Korea.

Aside from their Thunderous comeback, Stray Kids also dropped NOEASY, their second full-length studio album with 14 new tracks. Aside from Thunderous, other songs include the standout opening track CHEESE, the hard-hitting DOMINO, the emotional Gone Away, and an OT8 version of WOLFGANG.

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