10 Songs To Listen To To Celebrate 2NE1’s (Rumored) Comeback

"naega jeil jal naga" we all say in unison.

If 2NE1 does make a comeback, it’s proof that good things do exist in this world.

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The roof is about to be set on fire in K-pop if recent rumors are to be believed. Over the past few weeks, talk of the much-asked-for comeback of legendary and groundbreaking girl group 2NE1 has reached new heights. Since their unfortunate disbandment in November 2016, 2NE1 has kept their fans, called Blackjacks, hopeful for a reunion project, especially given the close friendship CL, Dara, Park Bom, and Minzy have kept up. 

That reunion may be happening soon, as YG Entertainment confirmed reports that the members have met with executive producer and former YGE CEO Yang Hyun Suk for talks of some kind. While nothing official has been announced, we have our fingers crossed that it’s the long-awaited reunion project that is going to highkey break the internet. Considering the group also celebrated their 15th anniversary last May, it would be the perfect time to do so. So, as we wait for more news, we’ve gathered some of our favorite 2NE1 tracks that deserve a listen for the occasion. 


Ah, the queen herself. They don’t make debut songs like this anymore. What made Fire so iconic wasn’t just because it was a banger from start to finish, but also because it was a great showcase of the kind of group 2NE1 was, a marriage of pop and hip-hop with swag and confidence for days. The girl crush concept blueprint for a reason. 


It needs to be said how 2NE1 was dropping classics like this in their debut year. This is a quintessential K-pop party anthem that brings back memories of good times.


You can’t talk about legendary 2nd gen K-pop songs without including this smash. The second this song starts, you know it’s about to go down. I Am The Best stands tall as one of the group’s most popular songs and a tour de force of confidence about knowing that you’re that girl. Electropop meets hip–hop in this unapologetic display of empowerment. 


This dance-pop number is an example of 2NE1’s ability to mix different genres, which, in this case, is trot music, to create something new and exciting. Aside from the beat that still slaps to this day, I Love You is also memorable for how the group would perform it during their tours as a sultry number with the help of male volunteers. 


2NE1’s second mini-album had banger after banger, but let’s also not forget this gem. This pop-rock number sees the group pour out their emotions as they showcase a more vulnerable side. Lyrically, it speaks to feeling like everyone who says you’re pretty is lying to you. Not feeling like your best self or that you’re unworthy of love is a feeling many experience, even 2NE1.


The amount of boss energy from this track is out of this world. 2NE1 was ahead of their time when they made this baddie anthem about feeling yourself and knowing everyone likes you. 


The world shifted when 2NE1 dropped this bop as the first single off their 2014 LP. Only true K-pop fans can appreciate a song like this with how 2NE1 could turn something so experimental into an audio journey. The members served vocals in the verses then did a 180 with the EDM drop in the chorus.


Among the many jams found in 2NE1’s second studio album is this catchy smash that talks about being happy for an ex after a breakup, even though they did you dirty. “I’m not happy but I hope you’re happy,” no truer lines were spoken. 


Who says 2NE1 can only do upbeat and energetic songs? If the phrase “It’s me, not you,” was turned into a song, it would be this acoustic track that packs an emotional and relatable punch. The girls open their hearts and let a partner they love know that the relationship can’t continue because they don’t have it in them to commit. A timeless reminder that you can’t love other people if you don’t love yourself first. 


We know a classic when we hear one! This award-winning track, which includes Song of the Year at MAMA 2009, infuses reggae with pop for an IDGAF anthem about moving on from someone who doesn’t deserve our time. The fact that they released the song after Fire proved how versatile 2NE1 was. 

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