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SB19, Francis Magalona, BINI, And More: The Playlist Of The 2022 UAAP Cheerdance Competition Was Fire

Give me a B. Give me an O. Give me a P.

Lady Gaga, P-pop, Francis Magalona, this year’s performances at the UAAP Cheerdance Competition had an interesting mix of musical inspirations.

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When it comes to the performances we see during UAAP’s cheerdance competition, flips, stunts, tumbles, and precise coordination are what usually get us talking and the judges voting. But while we often focus on the technical side of things, another important aspect of cheerdance is the song selection. What the teams decide to use as tracks to their performance is honestly a make or break.

The songs need to match the vibes for a great performance because the experience won’t be complete without them. And during the recently held 2022 UAAP Cheerdance Competition, the competing teams definitely looked to music to inspire their performances. Let’s take a look at the varied song selection that was on display during the competition.


For Adamson’s performance, their pep squad decided to get down with Jenny from the block, aka Jennifer Lopez. Almost all of their six-minute performance was choreographed to J.Lo’s music, from classics like Let’s Get Loud to her newer hits like Dance Again. The Jennifer mega mix helped make for an energetic performance.


When the UE Pep Squad hear P-pop rise, they just didn’t take the rise part literally with their stunts and lifts. They also got the P-pop aspect with their performance centering on the theme of the subgenre. The audience at the stadium and home were treated to six minutes of flips and kicks all set to songs from P-pop groups like SB19, Litz, and BINI. We have a feeling there’s a P-pop stan in the team.


Put your paws up Thomasians because the UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe went wild for Gaga with their Lady Gaga-themed performance. Already, when they walked in with their blue hair and black and gold ‘fits, we knew it was going to serve. They were giving Gaga circa 2011 and very much did justice to all the songs they used in the routine. It’s also quite fitting that UST would use a song called Rain On Me. IYKYK.


The DLSU Animo Squad turned to a musical icon for help. They asked for a beat and they got it with their Janet Jackson-inspired performance. They danced, tumbled, flipped, and kicked their way through some of Janet’s best songs in their nearly six-minute routine.


FEU was looking to make history at the competition. The cheering squad aimed to become the first team in history to win the top prize two times in a row. To help them do that, they centered their performance on an OPM legend, Francis Magalona. And they for sure did justice to Francis M as they seamlessly incorporated the rap icon’s music and remixes into their moves. While they landed in second place by just four points to winner NU, it was an overall great performance.


Don’t adjust your screens. You aren’t watching an exercise video from the 80s, but this year’s champions the NU Pep Squad’s routine. From the tracksuits to the bright neon leggings, the entire performance screamed 80s Zumba. and to further that vibe, they used a collection of some of the era’s most popular tracks including Holding Out for a Hero, Footloose, and Fame. Just watching them get their sweat on with their moves and jumps got us feeling tired.


The UP Pep Squad is no stranger to basing a performance around one artist’s music. And for 2022, the team decided to go for Black Eyed Peas in a routine that channeled the past and present of the pop and hip-hop group.

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