The First Burn: Ring The Alarms Because SB19 Is About To Get The Fire Started With Their NYLON Manila Cover

The fire starters are all set. Are you ready for this?

Our collective manifesting seems to have worked because the boys of SB19 are finally gracing us with their presence for a NYLON Manila cover.

There are no signs of slowing down for the boys of SB19, because in what is turning out to be a standout year, they are set to dominate even more. From waving the Philippine flag with international recognitions and blessing us with a new era, there is a lot to expect from Pablo, Justin, Josh, Ken, and Stell. New music? We got it. A concert? There is one coming soon. SB19 on a NYLON Manila cover? Hang on, we got you, friends.

It was only about time before SB19 would find themselves fronting our quarterly releases at NYLON Manila, because there is no other way of saying it: they are the moment in Filipino music. So, who better kickstart our stories of independence and Pinoy pride than SB19? While this coming together with the P-pop royalties is most fitting now, we have always had them listed as a dream to shoot. And you know what they say about wishes—you just have to manifest it. So, here we are, finally.

Unang Pag-Alab

sb19 cover

Of course, everything had to be worthy and deserving of SB19, so we turned to the primal energy and intensity of the natural element, fire. Yes, it is also a reference to their song, Alab, but really, it is a testament to how brighter, bolder, and bigger they have yet to become. Challenging as it was to deal with the temperament of fire, the boys were on top of their game, perfectly executing every shot with their precise movements and unparalleled work ethic. An offshoot of their mood from their What? music video, this is SB19 as you’ve never seen them before.

This is just the first burn, so sit back and wait a little while more, because we are stepping into the weekend of independence with a force that only SB19 can deliver. Everyone, your fire starters are all set. Are you ready for this?