Sandara Park’s Long-Awaited Solo Debut Is Almost Here

What should her fandom name be?

Less then a month after she signed with Abyss Company, Sandara Park is already teasing new music. But first, she’s needs help looking for a fandom name.

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Ever since 2NE1 sadly disbanded in 2016, each of the members has gone on to have solo careers and release their own music. Minzy, Park Bom, and CL all have released solo songs and projects this year, and CL is even set to drop her first solo album later this year. But missing from the list is Dara, who ever since the group’s disbandment, has been busy hosting, appearing, and acting in a variety of TV shows and movies. And while that is nice and all, we have been sorely waiting in anticipation for Sandara to finally drop her own solo music. Now, that time has finally come and we are really about to get new solo Dara music.


In a video posted on her YouTube channel, DARA TV (of which has been updated with a new profile picture and header), on September 16, she said that she wanted to discuss her Solo Hot Debut and that it was coming. But before she could talk about it in more detail, she said that she first needed a fandom name since she didn’t have one at the moment. She then asks the viewers and subscribers to leave suggestions in the comments of the video as to what her fandom name should be. She would then pick the winner from the comments to be used as the official fandom name.

If you aren’t in the loop, Sandara Park left YG in May 2021 after 17 years, making her the last member of 2NE1 to leave the company. In early September, it was announced that she signed a new contract with Abyss Company, the same company as SUNMI and GOT7’s Bam Bam. No concrete details were given of what Dara would do next, but it was widely assumed that she would be releasing her own music soon. And sure enough, she finally talked about it.


While Sandara didn’t give nearly any details at all about her re-debut, just hearing her say that her new era is coming has gotten us excited. To think that she has only been in Abyss for less than a month, but she’s already cooking up new music and getting ready to release. Needless to say, we can’t wait to see what Dara has in store for us. She first needs a fandom name though so if you have a suggestion, make sure to comment it on the video. The popular choice so far have been Darlings, Daralings, SParks, and SPades.

Meanwhile, here are some of Dara’s solo performances that should serve as a taste of what’s to come.

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