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4 Things We’re Obsessing Over in Sabrina Carpenter’s “Please Please Please” Music Video

Is it just us, or are MVs back?

Sabrina Carpenter just dropped the music video for her single “Please Please Please,” and we can’t get enough!

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Sabrina Carpenter has taken the world by storm and is credited with the return of the Pop Princess category in music. Her single “Espresso” could be heard everywhere basically as soon as it dropped and it is widely considered to be the song of the summer. 

Now, her most recent song to drop, “Please Please Please”, quickly hit the top of the trends charts. Social media is obsessed with the song, as well as the music video that dropped with it. It’s not hard to understand why. 

Here are few things we’re all loving about it:

The Cinematic Value

Like the music videos of the good ole MTV days, Please Please Please begins with a songless intro, setting up an overarching theme. Armed with a nostalgia-themed title card and high-budget video quality, the video brings the audience on a roller coaster ride as we watch Sabrina and her beau manage their tumultuous love story. 

The story is relatively straightforward: Carpenter is in it for the long haul with a boy who has regular run-ins with law enforcement. There’s some funny action, killer acting, and eye candy all around. While an over exaggeration, the song speaks to the experience of loving someone who you know isn’t the best for you, and hoping they’ll wake up one day and choose to be better. 

The Makeup

@youglowgrrl Recreating Sabrina Carpenters please please please makeup 👮‍♀️✨ @Sabrina Carpenter #makeup #sabrinacarpenter #pleasepleaseplease #makeuptutorial #makeuproutine #makeuplook ♬ Please Please Please – Sabrina Carpenter

When Sabrina literally sings “Please, please, please don’t bring me to tears when I just did my makeup so nice”, you of course can’t help but pay attention to what she’s sporting on her face. But even without the obvious callout, her makeup absolutely serves. 

The cat-eye makeup, further accentuated by the elongated inner corner liner, adds drama and flair to Carpenter’s already sizzling hot smolder. The overlined lips using a brown lip pencil paired with an MLBB shade and a juicy gloss is a guaranteed showstopper. Everything about her makeup is telegraphing the return of 2016 full glam, and we’re living for it! 

The ‘Fits

From the fitted bodysuits to the bright fur coats, every outfit that Sabrina Carpenter sports in every scene absolutely slays. The red corset that is prominently featured in the foreground of the MV’s thumbnail is instantly iconic for sure. The neon coats she wears to pick up her boyfriend from jail? Beautiful. The preppy-inspired cropped outfit during the bank heist? Stunning. Each fit was just hit after hit. And where can a gal get that royal blue hooded velour dress? Asking for a friend. 

The Hard Launch

Of course, we couldn’t forget the inclusion of Mr. Barry Keoghan. If your partner doesn’t make eyes at you the way the Eternals actor and Carpenter were making eyes at each other during their scenes together? Maybe it’s time to sit down and have ‘the talk’. 

@aint_ririii Please please please #sabrinacarpenter #pleasepleaseplease #4upage ♬ original sound – erika

Plus, having your real-life boyfriend star in a music video about your screw-up criminal boyfriend begging him not to embarrass you has got to be THE ultimate power move. Sabrina’s level of confidence and unbothered queen energy is something that all of us should aspire to.  

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