New Music Releases To Help You Get Through The Week  

Taylor Swift, queen of surprises.

Get by with a little help from your musical friends such as Taylor Swift, Ben&Ben, iKON and more in this new music round-up.

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Undoubtedly most of the discussion online and offline have been the elections, and we know many of you are going through a lot. From a range of emotions, feelings, and thoughts, there is one way to help us calm down—music. And with the recent new drop of songs, there’s a lot to discover and get into. Whether you are looking to block out the noise for a bit or escape for a while, you’ll find something to enjoy in this round-up of some of the best new songs over the past week.


Ben&Ben starts a new chapter in their musical journey with the release of the new song, Paninindigan Kita. The upbeat pop tune captures the fearlessness of fighting for someone you love despite the disapproval from the people around. Featuring melodic guitar lines, dazed harmonies, and deft arrangements, the song is all about persistently pursuing that romantic love. The track actually is their first time recording a song in an actual studio since the pandemic began. They made the song in Spyrta, the same place where they recorded Limasawa Street. Speaking of Ben&Ben, they also dropped the performance video for their song Kapangyarihan with SB19 and it’s a must-watch.


This Love was one of the more underrated songs on 1989 as compared to her more popular tracks. But the song is finally getting the love it deserves with the surprise release of This Love (Taylor’s Version). Set to be featured in the OST for The Summer I Turned Pretty movie adaption, This Love TV retains the tracks ethereal and moving sound. But the new version differs in that old Taylor sounds happy and is telling younger Taylor that she will find that love. Of course, the release of this track has us one step closer to that much anticipated release of 1989 TV.


It has been long rumored that Lady Gaga recorded an original song for the Top Gun: Maverick movie. And we finally got our confirmation this week when she officially dropped the track, called Hold My Hand. Gaga’s vocals are front and center in this track as she delves into power ballad territory and does so wonderfully. It’s giving us all the action movie confidence we need. The song will probably sound even more epic when it’s played at the cinema.


Doja Cat always serves, period. And that much is true with her new song, Vegas. A modern day rework of the classic song, Vegas greatly shows off Doja’s versatility from rap to R&B and slight hints of pop. The song, which was initially teased during her Coachella performance, serves as part of the OST for the upcoming Elvis movie. Given how good the music is already, we have hopes that Baz Luhrmann’s next film will be great.  


As the first girl group under the combined powers of HYBE and Source Music, expectations were riding on LE SSERAFIM to deliver. And for their debut, they came out of the gate swinging. While their name isn’t easy to pronounce, their music is easy to get into like with the groovy, upbeat, and somewhat sexy FEARLESS. And if you liked that song, then you need to give their mini-album of the same name a listen.


The over a year wait for iKON’s comeback was very much worth it with the release of BUT YOU. The group delves into 80s retro pop territory for a sweet break-up/love song about holding that special someone in your heart even if you are no more and still see her as your standard. iKON doing 80s pop is something we didn’t expect but they handle it so well. And of course, their breakup anthems will always be superior. The group also dropped a new EP called FLASHBACK that’s worth the listen.


Over a year in the making, Jack Harlow has finally dropped his newest full length album called Come Home The Kids Miss You. Over 15 tracks long, Jack has said that this is the most effort he’s ever put into a body of work and it shows. It has a who’s who of features from the likes of Drake and Justin Timberlake. And while she isn’t on the album, there is a song called Dua Lipa on the album.


The underrated pop queen has made her return to the music scene with the release of her new song Western Wind. It’s clear that Carly Rae Jepsen is beginning a new era of her career as she takes a break from the 80s pop and shifts to a more laid back pop sound. The song inhabits a warm and hypnotic atmosphere achieved through a delicate tapestry of elements: sunlit guitar tones, soulful piano melodies, the luminous textures of Hammond B3 organ, an elegant patchwork of percussion. It’s lyrical storytelling, infusing the song’s mood of nostalgia and longing with a lovely euphoria. We’re looking forward to seeing what else she has to offer.


British rockstar YUNGBLUD released his new fiery single Memories ft. WILLOW this week. The song is all about letting go of past traumas and turning them into lessons. The song implores listeners to not let those mistakes eat you on the inside and instead just let it all out.


Markus and Kyle Echarri get personal with the release of their collab, Hotel Room. Markus wrote the track based on a time when we was surround by vices and a bad crowd before he eventually cleaned himself up. The song is about feeling lost, empty, and downcast as the listener is guided through the track by Markus’ and Kyle’s soulful vocals with a neo-soul vibe. The whole track centers on the relatable feeling of the gloom of coping with being left behind by a loved one.


Tove Lo is back with new music and she really said you can cry in the club if you want to. With No One Dies From Love, neon keys illuminate a runway to the center of the dancefloor as Tove Lo sings over a disco break-up track. The song takes inspiration what it feels like for a long relationship to suddenly ends. The end result is heartbreak to dance to.


Just as the song title suggests, DNCE’s new song Move is here to make you shake and shimmy with its upbeat energy and groovy beats. It issues an invitation to the dancefloor with its funky strut, slippery seventies-style guitars, head-nodding bassline, and swaggering beat.


Malaysian superstar Yuna is out with a new song this week with the release of Make A Move. Like what we’ve come to expect from Yuna, the track exceptionally shows off silky and ethereal voice that is supported by smooth R&B beats. The song is part of her new single album called Y2 that features two other tracks called Girl U Used 2 Know and 24 Hours.


OPM band Of Mercury is embracing genre-melding tunes with fresh, innovative production in their new EP, CHANGIN’ Volume 2. The second of a three part release, the new album features three tracks for a groovy sound trip, such as ENERGY, a club jam that articulates the frustration of wanting to enact changes within a retrogressive system and CHOLULA (Cut You Loose), a feel-good bop with laid-back funk influences.


Rising 20-year-old singer-songwriter grentperez marks a new chapter in his music career with the release of his new track Wishful Thinking. Taking heavy inspiration from 2000s movies like 13 Going On 30, the fun and lain back song is about a relationship that’s yet to be and the what ifs of how a relationship with that person who stole your heart will be like.  


Ever wanted to listen to ENHYPEN’s Drunk-Dazed and Tamed-Dashed in Japanese? Well, now you can with the release of their new Japanese EP that includes both tracks as well as their previous Japanese single Always. As expected, ENHYPEN in Japanese slaps.

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