rolling stone philippines music journalism

Ready To Rock: Rolling Stone Philippines Is All Set To Bring An Iconic Voice To The Nation

Rocking soon.

Ready yourselves for a new space for music, culture, and heritage with the rollout of Rolling Stone Philippines, coming this November.

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“The rolling stone gathers no moss” is an old proverb associated with freedom and movement, and in turn inspired legendary musicians like Muddy Waters, Bob Dylan, and The Rolling Stones themselves. A rolling stone is always in motion, moving from place to place, unstoppable as a force. It’s a fitting name for a magazine that has solidified themselves as leading authority on all things music, culture, and even politics, and has proven their ability to keep that title as they adapt to the changing times and technologies for over fifty years.

American magazine Rolling Stone is all about music journalism and sociopolitical reporting, with a grasp of all things hot, iconic, and relevant. With the arrival of Rolling Stone Philippines this November 2024, in partnership with publisher Modern Media Group Inc., another big voice joins the likes of international titles NYLON Manila and Billboard Philippines, ready to disrupt and amplify diverse voices and tell stories that matter.

rolling stone philippines music journalism


rolling stone philippines music journalism

The Philippines has long had a thriving culture of music and entertainment, and it’s only gaining more traction as time goes by. From OPM to P-pop, indie bands to local legends, the diversity and richness of our music reflects the diversity and richness of our culture. And our diverse sounds, talents, and voices deserve platforms that’ll amplify them to the next level.

Rolling Stone Philippines promises to bridge the iconic magazine’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge music journalism and sociocultural commentary with the rich cultural heritage and unique perspective of the Filipino.

rolling stone philippines music journalism

“Our goal is to maintain the magazine’s tradition reflecting global standards while also exploring fresh perspectives and voices of the Filipino,” Anne Bernisca, Chief Operating Officer of Modern Media Group Inc., says. “This expansion is a testament to our dedication to fostering a diverse and inclusive media environment where all stories can be told.”

Rolling Stone Philippines will provide readers with comprehensive coverage of music, entertainment, and social and pop culture through interviews, articles, and photography. The magazine will highlight global and Filipino artists and offer a unique, Filipino perspective on the local and global music industry and sociocultural trends.


rolling stone philippines music journalism

Music icons from Stevie Nicks to Taylor Swift, as well as social and cultural personalities like Greta Thunberg and the Black Lives Matter protesters, have been featured on the cover of Rolling Stone, showing the magazine’s close and critical eye on all things music and culture.

rolling stone philippines music journalism

“The launch of Rolling Stone Philippines represents a significant step in our efforts to bring the magazine’s iconic voice to new markets,” says Gus Wenner, CEO of Rolling Stone. Through the lens of Filipino experience and culture, the Philippine edition of the music magazine will feature a mix of globally recognized content and locally relevant stories.

Rolling Stone has been a beacon of social, cultural, and musical commentary for over five decades,” said Archie G. Carrasco, CEO of AGC Power Holdings Corp., the parent company of Modern Media Group Inc. “We’re excited to see how our audience will engage with Rolling Stone’s rich heritage and forward-thinking content.”

Rolling Stone Philippines brings with it the promise of iconic covers, relevant coverage, and a platform for music and not just rock and roll), intertwined with Filipino culture. It also offers a new look at industry legends, meaningful reporting, and interesting commentary. We’re very much seated. Now, we turn it back to you: who do you want to see solidify themselves as legends on Rolling Stone Philippines? Let the first cover star speculation begin.

Images from Rolling Stone.

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