Midnasty-Music- Collage by Kenneth Dimaano

Reppin’ Dumaguete, The Legacy Of Midnasty Carries On With The Release Of Solo Na Lobo

“The world is for the bravest.”

With the release of their latest track, Solo Na Lobo, Midnasty is set to take their music to soaring heights. Firmly rooted in Dumaguete, the rest of the world is theirs for the taking.

“So I focused on my chances / can’t afford to fail / made own deal coz my soul not for sale.” From the beat of the first bar, Midnasty makes it clear that they are not be messed with. “Samtang gahulat gagigil (We waited for the right time) / Taga lihok ga dagil (Every move we make bears fruit) / Igog pisik wala’y apil (Even the ones not in our circle benefit),” and so stirs Solo Na Lobo, the latest drop of the musical collective from Dumaguete is characteristically confident and charming. Dripping with aggression and attitude, the expression isn’t abrasive, as one would assume about hip-hop. Instead, it lays on with ease, shifting between singular points-of-view and an overarching response of challenging adversity.

Unraveling much like an introspection, but essayed in multiple voices, Solo Na Lobo is a testament to the talent and tenacity of Midnasty. Spanning a legacy of 20 years, there is a lot of stories of seamed into the latest telling of the creative commune, threading the experiences of brothers Fry Kho and Murray Kho, the brothers who built on their dream to craft a unique identity for Dumaguete in the local music scene, as well as of Ar Kho, Nikko, and Makoy, who currently are holding down the fort. From self-produced tracks to adapting to the flow of Filipino hip-hop, Midnasty is a gem that reveals so much depth that many can relate to.

midnasty solo na lobo

With a foothold in the regional realm of music, Midnasty is cresting in confidence. Defined by their credo, “the world is for the bravest,” they’re now eyeing a colorful horizon of potential and possibilities from where they stand in Dumaguete, naturally.

From Dumaguete To The World

Crafted by Midnasty, together with Warner Music Philippines and the artistic force to be reckoned with, the Filipino record label ParaIsla through 7640, a full-scale music and video production subsidiary under AGC Power Holdings Corp., Solo Na Labo is a celebration of the spirit of collaboration. With the intention to platform and hero music and artists from all over the Philippines and in their specific language, this commune of creativity wants the rest of the world to sing our songs.

midnasty solo na lobo

Fittingly, Solo Na Lobo roars with the same responsibility, but more poetically as realized in the segments of sentiment by the Midnasty crew. Where it could have been dark and dreary, the track swings effortlessly between grit and grace in its telling of trials and triumph. With the introduction of their artistic proposition, especially for those who are more into the mainstream and foreign, the interface with their music opens up to an entire universe of sound that is moving in both the physical and feeling sense.

From its ominous overtones, rousing rhythms, and lingering lyrics, Solo Na Lobo is assured in its aspiration. “Walay kompetensya (No competition) / Kong nakita, ako raman (Only competition with myself) / Walay problema ang tapok kay naa raman (My circle have no problems and are here with me) / Ang gi sugdan ako lang gi human (I’m just finishing what I started),” the Filipino hip-hop anthem continues, compelling until the instrumentation fades out like a daze. A full circle moment for the boys of Midnasty, this is more than just a re-emergence of sound from Dumaguete, but a soundtrack to the lives of many.

Solo Na Lobo by Midnasty is now streaming on Spotify and Apple Music, and is available for download on iTunes.