KDLEX toss coin short film cathy garcia-sampana Hong Kong In The Lens by Asian Directors

Everything You Need To Know About KDLex’s New Rom-Com Short Film ‘Toss Coin’

Heads or tails?

KD Estrada and Alexa Ilacad are starring in their own international rom-com Toss Coin. Here’s why you should tune in.

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What’s it like to have your fate decided by the flip of a coin? Explore this question with KD Estrada and Alexa Ilacad in their first international short film together, Toss Coin, a short film or “microfilm” part of the mini film anthology Hong Kong In The Lens by Asian Directors. Directed by Cathy Garcia-Sampana, Toss Coin is a rom-com set and was shot in, as you can guess from the previous sentence, the vibrant city of Hong Kong.

KDLEX toss coin short film cathy garcia-sampana Hong Kong In The Lens by Asian Directors

Hong Kong In The Lens by Asian Directors, a film series project that bridges cultures across Asia to showcase the diversity and authentic beauty of Hong Kong, will be screened at the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival 2023. Toss Coin along with the entire anthology will air on tvNAsia, A2Z and Kapamilya Channel soon, and streams on Viu starting December 11. Talk about a flex for your first film together. No need to toss a coin to decide if you’re going to watch the 12-minute short, let us help you decide with these facts of the project.


From TV to digital to music, KDLex have made their mark on pop culture as individuals and as a couple. They starred together in their first streaming series Run To Me and now, they’ve gotten the chance to share the big, international screen as Riah (Alexa Ilacad) and Kiko (KD Estrada) on Toss Coin. At 12 minutes, Toss Coin is just the beginning for KDLex—fans already can’t wait to see them in a full-length feature film.


Along with the Filipino-made Toss Coin, Hong Kong in the Lens by Asian Directors features two other short films: the Thai-made family drama Zi Mui and the South Korean-made romance-fantasy Hong Kong, Within Me. By bringing distinct characters and stories from different countries to the streets of Hong Kong, a blending of culture is undertaken, with all cultures and their intersections getting their chance in the spotlight.


Cathy Garcia-Sampana, known for making iconic rom-coms such as The Hows of Us (2018) and Hello, Love, Goodbye (2019)—which was also set in Hong Kong—directed Toss Coin, stretching her filmmaking chops by taking on her first short film. We can already expect a lot of fun, a lot of emotions, and a whole lot of love. Add how she was able to work with KDLex’s chemistry on top of that, and it’s bound to be a kilig-inducing 12 minutes.


Since there was a special screening of the film last December 10, fans and movie enthusiasts got a first look at Toss Coin. Praise already started to pour in for the two artists’ acting and Garcia-Sampana’s storytelling, only fueling fans’ wishes for more projects starring KD and Alexa.


toss coin alexa ilacad kd estrada

Toss Coin‘s synopsis reads, “All it takes is one coin flip and one lie, and it leads Riah down a memory lane of her ex-boyfriend. She revisits all their special places, hoping to bump into him again and to rekindle their love. But will this lead her back to him or the beginning of anew journey?

The film leans on the relation of place to memory, as Riah traipses across the colorful and culturally-rich Hong Kong trying to find and reconnect with her ex, and musician Kiko follows along with her journey. As they take fate into their own hands, they find love along the way.

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