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7 Reasons To Add Vietnam To Your Travel Bucket List (And Check It Off Real Quick)

Time to practice saying "Xin chào".

Gather up your family or friends and take a trip to Vietnam!

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Being able to travel and see the world could be one of the best gifts anyone is given. Seeing how different places, cultures, and people are, and also how similar, no matter how far across the seas, is a wondrous thing. If you’re a big traveler looking for your next destination, or a first-time adventurer looking for something to kickstart your journey, let us endear you to the vibrant, diverse, picturesque, and fascinating country of Vietnam.

Vietnam, our Southeast Asian neighbor steeped in rich culture and history, with breathtaking scenery, and inhale-worthy food is a worthy addition to your travel bucket list. It’s also grown more popular as a tourist destination over the last few years, and with good reason. Whether you’re the type of traveler who wants to sightsee, to stay and relax at villas with gorgeous views, to have a thrilling adventure, or to immerse yourself in history and culture, you’ll find that Vietnam has loads to offer in terms of a great travel experience. Get that last push to convince yourself (or someone else) by reading on below!


There’s a reason Vietnam got its own coffee techniques and recipes growing more popular all around the world! If you’re the type to be down to hop on over to different countries just to stuff yourself with the variety of food they offer, then you’re going to be very happy in Vietnam. From street food to restaurant food, pho to banh mi, Vietnamese food and drink could quite possibly make you waste precious travel time because you’d be in a food coma—and it’ll be worth it.


vietnam travel traveling to vietnam travel bucket list ho chi minh hanoi

Imperial City/Source

Vietnam is a place rich in culture, though much of it in the last century was filled with war and political turmoil. Landmarks, museums, and sites dedicated to its tumultuous and colonial history are plentiful, and definitely worth visiting to learn a lesson or two. But its history and culture is far more complex than the conflict and struggles it has faced. Diverse influences, like the Chinese, have woven their way into Vietnamese life, culture, and tradition, but it is its own rich tapestry. There are temples, olden towns and villages, ruins, art, and more to find in Vietnam.

vietnam travel traveling to vietnam travel bucket list ho chi minh hanoi

Thien Mu Pagoda/Source

There are also museums about the history, roles, and contributions of Vietnamese women, as well as indigenous groups, arts and sciences, and more. From the diverse languages to the historical artifacts, there’s a lot to learn about the country, and what better way to do that than by visiting?


Vietnam has diverse landscapes and environments that could make even the shortest trip an enjoyable one. Whether you’re a beach bum or a winter wanderer, different places in the country has something for you. They’ve got sun and sand down in Ha Long Bay, late-year winters in Sapa, rainforests and greenery in Mộc Châu, and so much more. If you’d like to get out of the cities here and there, the natural wonders of the tropical country are endless, each a sight to behold.


@vietnamdailytours There are plenty of amazing things to do in Hoi An at night. It’s a beautiful city to discover at night, even if you just decide to wander the streets of the Old Town or take a stroll alongside the Thu Bon River. There is a variety of nightlife to enjoy in Hoi An too, with a number of bars and happy hour deals to be found. Make sure you don’t miss a thing with this guide to the best things to do in Hoi An at night! #vietnamdailytravel #vietnamtours #vietnamtourpackage #vietnam #hoian ♬ nhạc nền – Vietnam Daily Travel

The vibrant nightlife of Vietnam contrasted with its natural wonders make for an explorer’s dream. In cities like Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, the evenings are lit up by all the city lights and signs to rooftop bars, restaurants, live music bars, night markets, and even the Saigon River dinner cruise. Though not as wild and crazy as more popular nightlife destinations out there, boasting a more chill atmosphere, you’re still sure to enjoy your evenings.


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It’s no fun to visit a place where the people are rude. Granted, there are rude people everywhere, and we can’t ever generalize an entire population, but the Vietnamese are known to be warm and welcoming, friendly and personable. Make it part of your itinerary to drink coffee or beer with the locals, make new friends, and broaden your cultural horizons.


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Relax at zen resorts, explore caves, paddle a basket boat on the river—immerse yourself in the country by doing the most and not just walking around sightseeing, especially if that isn’t your thing. You can trek up the mountains or scuba dive in the waters of its nearby gulfs and seas, ride motorbikes across the countryside or spend a day at the Sun World amusement park.

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Head on over to the famed Hanoi Train Street or Heaven’s Gate in Sapa to make those viral experiences yours, too. Or put a twist on your regular market trip by doing it while floating on the Mekong river! There’s no shortage of activities for your inner thrill-seeker. And as a bonus, with every adventure, you’re treated to the gorgeous views of Vietnam.


@arshielife First time mo ba pumunta ng Hanoi? Here’s my 2D1N itinerary #vietnam #hanoi #travelph ♬ Ethnic fantasy, adventure, and Celtic cityscapes(1490579) – perfectpanda

Vietnam caters to all budgets—a great incentive for those of us who want to travel without breaking the bank. It’s also good for short stays. It’s great to travel there with family and friends, or even solo. Vietnam is generally a safe place to travel to, but you should still always be wary of scams, petty theft, and pickpockets just as you should be everywhere else. It’s emerging as a quite popular destination these days, and if you think it’s worth it to find out how you like it, then it’s time to add it to your bucket list.

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