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Wait, What? RC Cola, We Need Some Answers

Cannot. Unsee.

Just when we thought it was a regular night, the Internet suddenly broke and became an overnight discussion of all things weird and a little creepy. In case you missed it, RC Cola made the strangest commercial in the most brilliant way.

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The 1 minute and 30-second commercial opens with a child coming home from school, demanding answers from his mother if he’s adopted. She tells him to pay no mind to whatever they say. It pretty much looked like a typical heart-tugging video until the kid opens his shirt, face down on the table and reveals what seem to be…four cups on his back. What?


Mind-boggling, but okay. But when the mother revealed what was in her head the whole time (pun intended), was where we lost it. What. Did. We. Just. Watch.

Hands down, one of the wittiest commercials we’ve ever seen that rivals those Japanese commercials on the dark side of the web and our local fantaseryes. If RC Cola’s aim was to be thought-provoking in a weird way, then they’ve absolutely succeeded. Here are some of the funniest reactions we’ve seen so far: