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How One TikTok Video From Rain Matienzo Started The Trophy Wife Multiverse

From conyo girl to trophy wife.

What started out as Rain Matienzo’s vision of what her life would be like as a trophy wife turned into a storyline on TikTok we are invested in.

Sometimes, when you post a video on TikTok, you don’t really think much about it. It’s just another simple post. You wouldn’t think it was a big deal, right? Well, that probably what was going through the mind of Rain Matienzo when she posted a video in late January. It was a POV of how she it would be as a trophy wife. Rain, who is no stranger to going viral on TikTok, made the story feel all too real with the mom’s concerned yet distant care for her son and having the yaya do most of the work. That video went viral but proving once again how unique the internet can be, it then spawned a whole trophy wife multiverse on TikTok featuring more creators.



pagod ako yaya, i came from ride rev and then had merienda with my college barkada

♬ original sound – Rain | ig: @rainmatienzo ? – Rain | ig: @rainmatienzo ?

After the original video went viral, Rain posted more POVs of her trophy wife persona such as the one where she dressed up ready to go to Wildflour. The video that you may have come across on your FYP was the one where she visited her son, accurately named Inigo, at his summer soccer camp. With sunglasses, designer bag, faint care for her son, the video was perfect and probably wouldn’t be out of place amongst the moms of the 0.1%. Another fan favorite was the trophy wife on card day with Rain’s acting skills on full display. Low-key it’s one of her best TikTok characters to date.


15 mins lang ako dito mainit eh

♬ original sound – Rain | ig: @rainmatienzo ? – Rain | ig: @rainmatienzo ?


@rainmatienzo #duet with @landamme ♬ original sound – ig:landammevivas

But what initially would have been another viral series for Rain Matienzo suddenly morphed into a whole storyline featuring different creators. Up first was the role of the husband that creator @landamme took on. From buying their son a PS5 to making tampo with his trophy wife, he played the role to a T. And it all made for a shockingly endearing story. For example, a fan favorite from the series was the trophy wife at her son’s Buwan Ng Wika program. The husband couldn’t make it, but it turns out that he was just secretly buying his wife a bag, how sweet. The two even had time to make a backstory of how they first met and fell in love in college.


the reason why I’m always late

♬ original sound – ig:landammevivas


@rica.salomon Inigo you want palo????? #trophywifemultiverse ♬ original sound – Rica Salomon

But this wouldn’t be a trophy wife multiverse without more characters. So enters their yaya, Yaya Acir, played by Rica Salomon. And she decided to go above and beyond with her story that went from being Inigo’s yaya to surprisingly dark. Then comes Ayn Bernos who took on the role of the rich and successful single CEO who so happens to be the ex of trophy wife’s husband and current business partner. It’s a telesrye we wouldn’t mind watching, tbh.

@aynbernos Taking a break from walking my dog ? #pov ♬ I am a Socialist – Brandons.Sounds

Finally, you can’t complete the trophy wife story without having Inigo, which was played by user @inigoabaya.

@inigoabaya hi mom @rainmatienzo #trophywifemultiverse #iñigo ♬ original sound – Rain | ig: @rainmatienzo ?

And just to be sure, there’s also Inigo’s gay cousin.

@sky_flakess Reply to @leonahyosalina welcone to the family, cousin lulu! #trophywifemultiverse #fyp ♬ cousin lulu – luis?‍♂️ig: @sky_flakess

The best part about all of this was how organic it was. All these creators just came together randomly to form this surprisingly eventful storyline that we are invested in. And to think this all started from Rain wanting to live out her trophy wife fantasies. These are the things you don’t expect to see but prove once again how special social media can be. But considering how a Rataouille TikTok musical became a reality, it’s honestly on-brand for the platform. Here’s to more stories of trophy wife and her family.

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