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Rabiya Mateo Claps Back At A Basher Who Called Her “Ambisyosa” And “Talunan”

What's wrong with being ambisyosa?

Where do these bashers actually get the audacity!?

For someone as sweet as Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Rabiya Mateo, some people find it unbelievable that she could also be tough. She even adviced her successor to brace herself for all the bashers she’ll deal with despite being prepared for moments like these. Rabiya admits this in a past interview saying, “I was meant to be trained for situations like these. But when I was in the situation, it was 10 times hard pala.” It’s inevitable having to deal with all the noise surrounding the crown, especially nowadays where Filipinos have higher standards when it comes to beauty pageants instead of erm, politics.

Just like the queens that came before her, Rabiya also tried different things outside of the pageant world. Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach for example went back to acting, while Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray recently dropped her own music. After all, it is but normal to venture outside of your comfort zone and find other things you love. Rabiya Mateo on the other hand signed with GMA last year and is about to embark on her first lead role as an agent. But of course, someone will always rain on your parade.

So, when she posted a photo of her learning how to make bread with the caption: “minsan action star, minsan panadero,” one basher just had to let Rabiya Mateo know he wasn’t having it.

rabiya mateo basher

Rabiya Mateo then responded in the calmest and classiest manner, schooling the basher confident in anonymity that there’s nothing wrong with dreaming big. Thing is, the queen obviously fact-checked before roasting the basher and put them in their place. “Medical professional ka diba?” One would usually expect this from trolls who have a lot of time on their hands, but this person’s an actual professional, which comes off even more disappointing. Screenshots of the now-deleted comment have gone viral on TikTok, however Rabiya Mateo still ended it on a lighter note and wished them well.

It’s 2022 and perhaps one of the new year’s resolutions that some people should try is to stop the stigma on the ambisyosas of the world. Because TBH, shouldn’t we all have dreams greater than we can imagine?

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