Committed To Pride, This Capsule Collection Directly Supports Philippine LGBTQIA+ Organizations

As it is written, pride is always a worthy cause.

In its effort to further the conversation of progress and pride, this brand encourages you to live your truth and pledge an unwavering support to these Philippine LGBTQIA+ organizations, too.

By now we should all be well aware of the fact that pride isn’t limited to just the month of June. Much like the very community it stands for and protects, there should be no conditions to championing and celebrating the spirit of pride. Expanding the concept of this cause is a challenge, especially in a world that is for all accounts still stubborn in its prejudice masked as preference. So, for the trailblazers then and now, this has been the next step of the movement—making sure the passion and purpose doesn’t settle just like that. As much of a work in progress as it is, there have been significant efforts of pushing pride beyond what is now. In the country alone, Philippine LGBTQIA+ organizations, as well as of other committed brands, have been dedicated to waving the progress flag loud and proud beyond the merry month of June.

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From different Philippine LGBTQIA+ organizations long dedicated to education, expression, and empowerment in and around the community, many have taken significant strides along the path trailed by the radical and the realized, which in whatever capacity it is helps amplify and further the conversation of unequivocal equality. From local queer-owned small and medium enterprises to bigger and more able brands, the message has been clear: come as you are and live your truth, because where queer folk and allies come together, you are welcome.


The Good Cause

Guided by the phrases: “ALWAYS LOVE BECAUSE LOVE IS ALWAYS LOVE,” “A BOYFRIEND CALLED MY GIRLFRIEND,” and “WOULD YOU BE MY BOYFRIEND GIRL QUEER FRIEND,” London-based fashion brand, COS, celebrates the spirit of living and loving authentically in this simple and straightforward capsule collection together with artist Coco Capitán. An extension of its pride collection launched globally in June, the local campaign goes beyond just that, proving at least in this effort that you can wear pride always.

philippine lgbtqia organizations cos

Rendered in the signature handwriting style, the messages of love, liberty, and inclusivity are threaded into the t-shirt capsule collection, which can be worn as a standout statement or a base to build your unique style on. Apart from the tees, a special edition of the COS repurposed tote, which seamlessly integrates the colors of the progress flag is also available. Aside from heroing pride, it also highlights sustainability as it is made out of excess cotton from the brand’s production process.

But more than just it being a standard support we have all seen and experienced at this point, COS takes things a step further by pledging the funds raised from the sales of these limited-edition products to Philippine LGBTQIA+ organizations. Standing together with the community, the brand is one with the vision of building a reality where everyone is free to simply be who they are and love who they want to love.

Always, Pride

Make no mistake, this isn’t just an empty promise, because they partnered with two non-profit Philippine LGBTQIA+ organizations, Galang, a female-led group working with and for economically disadvantaged LGBTQIA+ people, as well as seeking to support, educate, promote equality regardless of class, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression; and Love Yourself, an organization providing safe spaces and services for sexual, mental, and trans health. With active community centers anchored on care and support, especially with HIV testing, counseling, treatment, and life coaching, they are working towards a just and progressive society that is equal on all aspects.

(To clarify further, 100% of the proceeds from the sales of the Coco Capitán t-shirt collection and 100% of profits from the sales of the pride tote will be donated to Galang and Love Yourself.)

“It’s important that we celebrate the people who made it possible for me and my generation to be who we are without having to think further,” says Coco Capitán, rounding out this conversation of pride and purpose. More than just intent and all the glitter that come with the mammoth that pride has become, it is important, as has been reiterated to always take things one step further when and where you can.

“I am thankful to the many who made it possible for me to able to exist just as who I am without having to give so many explanations. And yet, it upsets me to think that this privilege of being able to be me, is still a right that many are deprived from. We cannot claim victory until everyone—and this is everyone in the gender and sexual spectrum, independent to race, geopolitical location, religion or wealth—can enjoy the right to be who they are and love who they damn please.”