7 Pinay Celebrities That Have Made Waves On International Award Shows

7 Pinay Celebrities That Have Made Waves On International Award Shows

Girls gone global.

From Francine Diaz to Liza Soberano, these homegrown Filipina artists are showing the world how it’s done, and their moments in the international award show spotlight prove exactly that.

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From Sarah Geronimo to Kathryn Bernardo, these Filipina actors, singers, performers, and all-around stars have not only made their mark on the local arts and entertainment scene, but also proved their merit by getting to attend some major global events in recent years. What’s a stronger word for mother?

Whether on red carpets or light-drenched stages, in Seoul or in Hollywood, these Pinay artists add major notches to their belts as they bring Filipino talents to new heights by gracing international award shows, invited and awarded because of their talent, skill, and impact. And they all did it in the last two years! More wins to come to them and more local artists, we hope, and we’ll continue to celebrate them. Check out these stars and their major moments below.


Francine Diaz was one of the young Asian stars along with some major K-pop groups invited to grace the stage of the inaugural Asia Star Entertainer Awards in Japan this 2024, and it was for sure a win for the young actress and singer. Having recently collaborated with Korean singer and actor Seo In-guk for single My Love, Francine went even more global as she not only attended the awards, but presented an award to idol group TXT—which she adorably called Tomorrow times Together rather than Tomorrow by Together (but honestly, who hasn’t made that mistake?). PEMDAS queen.


Young actress and singer Belle Mariano took the Seoul International Drama Awards stage in 2022 to accept the Outstanding Asian Star award for her breakout work in teen romance He’s Into Her (2021-2022), the first Filipina actress to do so. She also delivered a heartfelt acceptance speech that proves why she’s one of the biggest stars of this generation. And, on top of that, Belle also shared the award with other stars from all over Asia, such as Kang Daniel, Wallace Chung, Yusei Yagi, Krit Amnuaydechkorn, and Alice Ko.


Liza Soberano has been killing the game lately. From her Seoul escapades to her portrayal of Taffy in Lisa Frankenstein (2024), the star’s light is shining brightly. She attended one of the biggest Hollywood award shows, the Screen Actors Guild Awards 2024 (proving she can’t fall victim to the Getty Images curse), and looked nothing less than amazing at it. She also ticked off an unofficial item on the Hollywood icon bucket list by executing a perfect Glambot video on her first try—which has become one of the most iconic Glambots to exist, IMO!


Kathryn Bernardo’s appearance at the Asia Artist Awards 2023 at the Philippine Arena, and her acceptance of the Fabulous Award was the epitome of grace, humility, and Filipina excellence. Kathryn also personally accepted the Asian Star Prize at the 2023 Seoul International Drama Awards for her work in 2 Good 2 Be True (2022).


Debutante Icon of the night, “first honor,” host, actress, and comedian Melai Cantiveros-Francisco truly made waves at the Asia Artist Awards in 2023. Her ensemble, humor, and cheery but ever-grateful demeanor was a delight to watch during the show, and she deserved every bit of laughter and applause.


Dolly de Leon is a growing Hollywood icon. Her gracing major Western award shows like the Oscars, the BAFTAs, the Golden Globes, to name a few, after her lauded performance in Triangle of Sadness (2022) is a testament to her star status both locally and internationally.


The first Filipina, and one of the first ever, recipient of Billboard’s Global Force award, Sarah Geronimo made history at the Billboard Women in Music event in Los Angeles just earlier this year. Her nomination, appearance, award, and speech has been the subject of much news coverage and discourse, but it’s a clear indication of Filipino talent and excellence reaching a far wider audience.

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