How The Fearless Social Media Account, PAGASA PH, Is Holding The Powerful Accountable Through The Internet

This is how you do social media right.

Hope is a dangerous thing when merely left to chance. This is why the Fearless Social Media Account, PAGASA PH, continues its mission of accountability and sustained action on the world wide web.

Lana Del Rey and Red from Shawshank Redemption agree on one thing: Hope is a dangerous thing. While it may sound weary and worrying, especially at a bleak time when it is all we can hold on to. However, when just thrown around in and letting it take wind doesn’t really do much, unless of course, driven by hope, we take matters into our hands. This is precisely what motivates PAGASA PH, “a new civil society organization that responds to the urgency of the times, with the goal of bringing people together based on thoughtful criticism of the present,” it writes on its Facebook page. The goal? Working towards a just, fair, and sustainable future.

Following the age of involvement in the pandemic, People For Accountable Governance And Sustainable Action or PAGASA PH has already made significant strides in enlightening the consciousness of people and encouraging conversations on pressing issues and injustices on social media. Whether it be mobilizing its platforms on the internet (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) during relief operations during a calamity or educating and engaging a like-minded audience across multiple generations with its bite-sized reports bound by context and responsibility, the access to information is not only convenient, but also necessarily clear, comprehensive, and critical, comprehensive.

Going a step beyond just sharing online, PAGASA PH collaborates with communities to not only help them, but learn from their own definitions of empowerment and independence. These focuses include, but are not limited to minimum wage and contractual workers, public utility vehicle drivers, women, children, LGBTQIA+, PWDs, along with the many ates and kuyas of the communities that are vulnerable and further pushed into the margins of importance by government incompetence, corruption, and violence. Understanding what it takes to stack up to relevant change, PAGASA PH is defining the hope and action that is inherent to its name and taking it outside the confines of the internet. “Sana rin ma-transform itong awareness natin…from online to offline,” expresses Katrina Stuart Santiago, founder of PAGASA PH. “This is something we have to do urgently if we want to win 2022.”