Make A List And Check It Twice, Because These Online Shopping Spaces Lets You Play Santa In Just A Few Taps

You still have time, friends.

Still clueless on the gift-giving front? Let Rudolph and the gang of reindeers lead you to these online shopping sites that will definitely make things a bit merrier this Christmas.


It seems that no matter what happens, including a sense of reality being challenged, shifted, and redefined by the pandemic, some things will just never change. Sure, the world is generally more cautious and conscious about health and hygiene, but there still are those hardheaded lot who presumably do not want to wrap their heads around the gravity of the continuing crisis at hand. While they still are slow in coming to terms with the severity of the surging situation, many practices have since taken quite well to the necessary rigors such as dining in restaurants and shopping among others. In fact, over the course of quarantine and its many mind-boggling iterations, e-commerce and online shopping has become somewhat of a national pastime, with people resorting to it for essentials and an anchor of sanity.

This seemingly mundane offshoot of commercialism has been the most pronounced this holiday season, with people resorting to the convenience and safety of the digital counterpart to sort through their Christmas lists. With strict measures and guidelines in place, online shopping has been the norm, and the virtual spaces that have emerged are stepping up their services to better to adapt and attend to the needs of the market. From on call personal shoppers to revamped websites, online shopping is simply put, made much better—and easier.

With a little over a week left to go before Christmas, we’ve rounded several standout sites to hop on for that last-minute scramble for Christmas gifts. After all, no matter what the situation may be, there is always a reason to celebrate the holidays, especially now more than ever. So, what are you waiting for, indulge yourself in a bit more of online shopping for your loved ones, because everyone deserves every bit of happiness and cheer, and yes, that includes yourself, too.

The SM Store Call To Deliver

Not only do they have everything for you, they are committed to doing as much as they can for you, too. Offering one less thing to worry about in a truly stressful time of our lives, The SM Store is taking care of your gift giving with its successful Call To Deliver service. An answer to service the needs of its shoppers, the SM Store Call To Deliver provision has since graduated from being limited to specific branches only to now being available nationwide. Procuring essentials and now gifts has become easier through the hotline number #143SM (#14376). The end-to-end effort underscores safety, certainty, and effortlessness as you can do everything in three simple steps.

First, you contact The SM Store Call To Deliver at #14376. Next, you will be asked to provide necessary details for transaction (including modes of payment, which includes credit and gift cards). You will then be matched with a personal shopper who will work with you to go through your Christmas list. You can access their catalogue for items or send a message for availability of items in your preferred branch. Based on experience, sharing photos of items from the catalog was a big help, but if something wasn’t there, they will work hard to find the best alternative for your liking. Finally, you can arrange for the delivery of your gifts to your loved ones, which comes at an affordable P200 delivery fee (for inter-island deliveries, standard courier rates will apply). However, if you want to play Santa yourself, you can have it sent to your address in bulk or do a curbside pick-up at your convenience.


Bridging the gap between the traditional shopping system of its portfolio of brands and the unique user experience online, the SSI group, the country’s largest specialty retailer in the Philippines is connecting to a digital audience of over 1.7 million with the introduction of A one-stop e-commerce shop, the conduit for online shopping houses the most coveted brands such as Burberry, Ferragamo, Jimmy Choo, Tory Burch, Michael Kors, Kate Spade, MUJI, Lush, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein Jeans, Lacoste, Gucci, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Alexander McQueen, and Loewe under four accessible categories. A first-of-its kind retail innovation, gives your usual online shopping premium access to the best of the best with curated picks from fashion, beauty, and home must-haves filed under Trunc (a multi-brand marketplace for SSI’s most sought after brands), Trunc Show (a digital destination fashioned as a stand-alone boutique for premium designer brands), Powder Room By Trunc (the go-to for beauty and skincare essentials), and Trunc At Home (a dedicated landing page for the world’s top lifestyle brands).

In this expansion of its reach and service to the Filipino shopper, Trunc is a cross-section that lets you get a lot done in one go. Offering deals and deliveries in a time of heightened safety, Trunc truly has your best interests in mind.

Rustan’s Personal Shopper On Call

Starting this year, it seems that Santa is going fully digital. In keeping up with the demands of the times, as well as of its commitment to ensuring excellent shopping experience, Rustan’s is giving us the gift of ease and peace of mind through Rustan’s Personal Shopper On Call. In this extension of their topnotch customer service, navigating through the limits of this holiday season becomes more bearable with access to expert one-on-one assistance by trained personnel made convenient through its universal number (09171111952).

Aside from this, Rustan’s is also upping the ante with online shopping by launching new selections and catalogs, as well as offering exclusive deals and drops on a weekly basis at Here, the festive spirit continues 24/7 digitally featuring the compelling Home For Christmas Virtual Microsite, where customers are treated to holiday content, which includes, videos of perfromances, yuletide decorating tips, gift suggestions, and schedules of upcoming in-store and online activities.

With the physical errand taken care of, you can begin checking your list twice to make sure you give (and receive) sincerely heartfelt gifts this Christmas to the special people in your life, all from the safety of your home.


“Like they say, the show must go on,” says Maritess Pineda, one of the founders of ArteFino in a statement, finally introducing its entry into the realm of online shopping. “We will never waiver from our commitment to the Filipino spirit, with products that  capture the soul of the makers, and now, with e-commerce and sophisticated delivery systems, we bring their works not  only around the country, but around the world.” In a move that makes its way toward even more accessibility and inclusivity of Filipino’s best around the Philippines and the rest of the world, ArteFino goes digital with

With the pandemic stalling the highly-anticipated and wildly successful annual artisanal in-person affair, the minds behind this platform for all things crafted with pride and passion acted fast and streamlined its efforts in a purely digital platform, starting with 45 brand partners. “The idea of giving up on a physical fair was extremely difficult, but this lockdown meant for us to move away from the  usually busy mall experience as consumers focused on what we remain as our key factor–supporting local and  independent businesses/artisans,” shares co-founder, Susie Quiros. This way, it addresses the realities of the pandemic, as well as of the hyper-selective shopping attitude developed in quarantine. With this dedicated shift virtually, ArteFino is able to not only expand globally, but it can begin to attract a younger, digitally-entrenched.

“An understanding of the growing consumer concern over the environmental impact of every purchase meant that  ArteFino had to begin writing the rule book. Great focus was given to products that were essential, and supported by the  concept of a circular economy. Items that are reflective of living in the new normal,” explains Cedie Lopez-Vargas, ArteFino co-founder as it makes it full entrance in the highly competitive world of online shopping. While there is certainly a lot to appreciate and learn from its mindfully made, thoughtfully chosen access to quality, the virtual arm of ArteFino also functions as a reminder that there is a lot of good still going on—we just have to know where to click.