The Official PH Music Charts Are Here With Billboard Philippines Hot 100 And Billboard Top Philippine Songs

A kind reminder to keep it cute when the charts drop.

Pinoy stan Twitter is about to go crazy now that Billboard Philippines Hot 100 and Billboard Top Philippine Songs Charts are finally here. 

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For decades until now, if you wanted to know what the top songs are, you’d check the Billboard charts. From the Hot 100 songs to Top 200 albums, Billboard’s charts are an institution and the barometer of the hottest releases right now, a signifier of an artist’s commercial status, and not to mention tools used by countless stans to brag about their faves (and drag others). The anticipation for every new week of the Hot 100 for stans is real.

Whenever a new update to the charts are out, you can bet the discourse will be intense as people debate who’s in, who’s out, who deserves to be there, and who shouldn’t. Now, the Philippines has their own official version of the charts thanks to Billboard Philippines. 


Recently, Billboard Philippines announced the long-awaited launch of official music charts in the country. Starting today, July 3, Billboard Philippines Hot 100 and Billboard Top Philippine Songs will name the hottest tracks and top Filipino artists. Not only will these charts showcase the songs and artists’ achievements in the industry, but also provide a comprehensive snapshot of music trends within the Philippines.

If you want to know what the general public is listening to and the artists that have a stranglehold on the locals, the Billboard Philippines charts are where it’s at. But, if you’re confused about what exactly the Billboard Philippines Hot 100 and Billboard Top Philippine Song charts are though, we’ve got you covered.


For the Billboard Philippines Hot 100 chart, it represents the biggest songs in the country. The chart will rank the most popular songs, both local and international, reflecting streaming and sales data from leading music platforms in the nation. Compiled by Luminate, the chart will utilize a weighted formula that includes official streams from subscription and ad-supported tiers of audio and video services, as well as digital download sales from major retailers like the iTunes Store. This chart will serve as a definitive guide to the bops that are currently living rent-free in the minds of Filipino listeners each week. 


Image courtesy of Billboard Philippines

As for Billboard Top Philippine Songs, this chart will now become the official all-Filipino chart and list the Top 25 Filipino songs of the moment. OPM takes center stage as the country’s biggest local hit songs and artists will have a platform to shine. Their songs will be ranked based on streaming and sales data tailored to the Philippine music market. Like its counterpart, the chart will be updated weekly, giving insight into the most popular tracks among Filipino audiences.


Image courtesy of Billboard Philippines

Expect both charts to be updated every Wednesday, offering listeners, stans, and industry professionals a timely and accurate reflection of music trends in the Philippines. To view the official full list of Billboard Philippines Hot 100 and Billboard Top Philippine Songs weekly, you may visit Billboard Philippines’ official website and social media platforms. 

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