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NYLON Manila Picks: Tech Faves That Made June 2024 So Much Better

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Our favorite little gadgets, apps, and websites that got us through this hectic month!

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Admittedly, we’re all a little bit chronically online iPad kids at heart. If you take away our gadgets or Internet, we’d probably go crazy. Kidding aside, our tech faves this month are perfect for whether you’re looking for fun or functionality—most of them have been our faves for a long time now. From websites to apps, games to functional everyday companions, these picks make our lives that much easier or much more fun. Thank us when they make your life better later.

NOTABILITY – Maggie Batacan, Editor-in-Chief

I’ve been using this app since college. As a person who collects notebooks and never writes on them because I don’t want to “ruin them” with potentially ugly handwriting or the worst thing I’ve ever written, digital notebooks have always appealed to me. Notability has so many features that let me create documents and detailed notes that are easy to edit and annotate whenever. I now use it to bullet journal and outline my articles daily. I can also doodle to my heart’s content without feeling like I’m wasting paper.

OTTER AI – Raf Bautista, Managing Editor

tech faves

The first time I ever heard about Otter was from my college prof who told me that it would make transcribing interviews easier. And he was right. The service has been a friend whenever I have to transcribe English interviews as it does it for me automatically. The price isn’t cheap, but it beats manually transcribing a 20 minute interview that could take up to an hour.

BOOKY – Bianca Lao, Brand Associate

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A trusty and reliable app meant for the hungry and fast-moving. Booky has been growing steadily and surely since 2015, and has proven itself to be an old but gold app. If you’re looking to treat yourself and/or go out with friends, do it now with Booky to avail of exclusive promotions and discount codes. They definitely have an answer to all your cravings.

DRESS TO IMPRESS – Gelo Quijencio, Multimedia Artist

@dtionroblox 🏖️🌴🙈 @submiscy #DressToImpress #Roblox #Summer ♬ Attention – 250 Remix – NewJeans

Rekindling with my inner child as I play this game. Remember during the 2000’s where Y8 and Friv are a hub of all games. From dressing up, cooking, and etc. Dress to Impress is a themed fashion game on Robolox with racks on racks of clothes, makeup, and hair to choose from. It just brings back my childhood whenever I play this.

JISULIFE MINI FAN – Nica Glorioso, Features Writer

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The JISULIFE 3-in-1 mini-fan, powerbank, and flashlight has been a cute, functional addition to my everyday bag. It’s so convenient, useful for hot days, and comes in cute pastel colors.


tech faves

The Miniso Barbie Retro Bluetooth Speaker is a charming addition to my bedroom. The retro design gives it a nostalgic feel that perfectly complements my decor. Plus, it’s pink, which is always a win in my book! 

Despite its affordable price, the sound quality is impressive, delivering surprisingly good audio for such a compact device. Overall, it’s a must-have for anyone looking to add a touch of vintage style to their space.

ANKER SOUNDCORE V30I – Kyla Amadora, Art Intern

One of the best open-ears I’ve tried! People may mistake it as a bone-conduction open-ear earphones but this just gracefully sits on top of your ears, giving you comfort and style while staying aware of your surroundings. If you are into running these days, I definitely recommend getting these as part of your running starter kit! Whether it’s for a sport, or for work, it can do the job as it has built in mics for you to take calls. My current fave at the moment.

ARC BROWSER – Abby Chua, Art Intern

Arc has simplified my workspace and made it so much easier to control the clutter of my tabs and notes, which is why I prefer it over other browsers!

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