NYLON Manila Picks: June 2024 Was A Lot, But These Media Picks Got Us Through It

Rewatching and replaying as we speak.

We’ve got the deets on the media picks of the month that we would brag to our friends. 

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What a month. It was Pride, graduation season, the start of the rainy season, the beginning of school summer break, and more. It was a lot to take in these past four weeks. And in the middle of all that was the media picks that kept us sane, fed, and entertained. From fanmeets of our favorite artists, albums that became our comfort listen, discovering underrated gems, and more, here are our favorite media of June 2024.  

Helluva Boss –  Maggie Batacan, Editor-in-Chief

That a show of this level of storytelling and animation quality is available on YouTube /for free/ is one of the reasons why I love the internet. Set in literal hell with a cast of characters who work in the revenge business, the show uses strong language, features mature themes (violence, sex, etc.), and is perfect if you have a dark sense of humor and a love-hate relationship with your religious upbringing.

Inside Out 2 – Raf Bautista, Managing Editor 

What I love most about this relatable Pixar sequel is its realistic depiction of anxiety and how in its nature to help you prevent future mistakes, it ends up messing with you physically and mentally. Anxiety is a non-intentional villain here, which is how often anxiety in real life operates. As someone who has self-esteem issues and always feels like the odd one out in group settings, Riley’s battle with Anxiety as she wanted to fit in a new setting spoke to me in ways few movies have. 

Great Gatsby The Musical Original Broadway Cast Recording – Bianca Lao, Brand Associate

Since March of this year, when I heard Green Light for the first time, featuring the voices of Jeremy Jordan and Eva Noblezada, I instantly knew that I would obsess over the music. With voices like theirs, there’s no doubt that they wouldn’t deliver. My personal favorites from the soundtrack are Green Light and Past Is Catching Up To Me.

Maxton Hall – Nica Glorioso, Features Writer

I started Maxton Hall – The World Between Us expecting it to be pure cliché romance trash—and there’s nothing wrong with that—but I was pleasantly surprised by the series. There was a pretty good reason why my timeline was full of people talking about it. Predictable, sure, but it’s got charm, crazy chemistry, and likable leads. Worth a weekend binge.

Byeon Woo Seok Manila Fanmeet – Gelo Quijencio, Multimedia Artist 

A mixture of meeting Sun Jae and Byeon Woo Seok is such an experience. His visuals, vocals, humor, and his fan service are top-tier.

Charli xcx’s BRAT Album – Christine Roska, Marketing Intern

This album has solidified Charli XCX as a true generational pop icon. She perfectly captures the essence of partying: the thrill, the sound, and the sense of liberation. Listening to this album, I feel the freedom and empowerment of dancing in the middle of a crowd. She explores various sounds and techniques, yet the album remains cohesive throughout. I honestly think this is the album of the year. With all things green being associated with the album, it’s a BRAT summer. We’re heading back to the Tumblr grunge crystal castles Skins UK era, and I’m here for it!

How To Make Millions Before Grandma Dies – Zean Perello, MMA Intern, Abby Chua, MMA Intern

Zean – As someone who was also raised by my grandmother, the movie never failed to incorporate small details that connect us to reality while watching it. From its cinematography to its creative approach, despite being set in Thailand, I believe it resonates well with all households or people who grew up raised by their grandmothers or grandparents globally, making it more appealing to audiences. 

It is a heartwarming and wrenching movie with simple yet moving conversations. I wouldn’t say it is drama-heavy, but it truly moves the audience’s heart throughout its two-hour runtime. Lastly, I believe that how you rate and see the movie as a masterpiece depends on your perspective and experience. It is something new and refreshing for me to watch with its story plot, which resonates with many Asian households. Nonetheless, it is a great movie. 

Abby – I believe that this is the most emotionally damaging movie of 2024. When it comes to family and growing up, you’ll never get anything as genuine as the stories told in Asian films.

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