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NYLON Manila Picks: Our Fave Food, Drinks, And Snacks We Munched On This June 2024

We ate that. Literally.

Time for our monthly round-up of meals, drinks, and sweet treats that’ll have your mouth watering!

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Here at NYLON Manila, we know the value of a treat. We’ll do anything for a check treat. Maybe that’s why we never run out of food, restaurant, café, drink, and snack faves to recommend. Sometimes you just need your stomach filled to turn a bad day around, or a nice meal out with your friends or by yourself to end a crazy week with. From DIY drinks to savory sides, we’ve got a selection of gastronomic picks for you this June. We guarantee they’ll be worth the purchase, and your taste buds will thank you for them.

OOMA – Maggie Batacan, Editor-in-Chief

Every dish I’ve tried from this restaurant has been peak delicious. In particular, their Cauli and Nasu Poppers and Katsudon have steadily entered my regular rotation of go-to dishes when I’m in the mood to treat myself. The curry-mayo dip for my current favorite appetizer is sublime, and the flavors of the Katsudon are the perfect mix of savory, sweet, and briny. I also stand by their aligue mayo 100%. 

YABU’S MOZZARELLA KATSU STICKS – Raf Bautista, Managing Editor

No matter what I order as a main entree at Yabu, I will always order the mozzarella sticks as a side. The crunchy coating, stringy cheese, and tangy sauce just does it for me every time. 


The perfect balance of nuttiness and savory flavor. The buttery richness of the sauce is well blended by the herbal notes of sage that elevates each bite. For me, it’s a standout dish that showcases the best of Italian-inspired cuisine. Whether you’re a fan of traditional flavors or simply appreciate a well-executed pasta dish, this one is sure to impress.

UCC INSTANT COFFEE MIX – Nica Glorioso, Features Writer

food picks june 2024

UCC Iced Creamy 3-in-1 Coffee Mix makes my WFH afternoons so much more bearable as someone who sometimes just needs a sweet little drink. Just one packet of this, creamer, sugar, milk, and ice in some water, and I’m immediately happier. It also comes in a few different flavors (my personal fave is the Chocolate Vanilla).


food picks june 2024

I just had the most amazing shake of my life, and I can’t stop thinking about it! Imagine Ghirardelli chocolate and chocolate ice cream blended into the creamiest, most delicious concoction. My favorite part about it? They sprinkle Ghirardelli powder on top and add marshmallows for that perfect finishing touch. If you love chocolate, you HAVE to try this shake.

P. DONUTS – Kyla Amadora, Art Intern

P. Donuts offers a range of Pinoy flavored donuts from buko pie, buko pandan, chocnut, and toasted coconut! They also have fritters varying from Saba, Langka, and Piña. Aside from these flavors, they also serve regular donuts like the glaze etc… But my personal favorite is their Milky Cheese Donuts, it’s a simple flavor that you wouldn’t have expected to be the best among the rest!

MANMARU – Zean Perello, Video Intern

My top pick for a restaurant this month is Manmaru! It is located in Japanese Town, often called Little Tokyo, in Makati Square, Legazpi Village. It offers a variety of authentic Japanese dishes at reasonable and budget-friendly prices, with generous portions that will leave you full. The menu includes sushi, noodles, and other Japanese dishes that you might have never tried before. Overall, it was a good experience eating there, and I would definitely recommend it to a friend and come back anytime soon.

BIRRIA TACOS – Shaene Berber, Art Intern

I like birria tacos because of their rich flavor. The outer part of the tacos is crispy, while the beef inside is juicy and flavorful. The broth where you dip it in also adds flavor which makes it a perfect combination.

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