What You Can Expect From NOBITA’s Debut Album ‘BETTERFLY’

Are you ready for another round of roller coaster feels?

In an exclusive interview with NYLON Manila, NOBITA dives deep into the driving force behind their debut album ‘BETTERFLY.’

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In the ever-evolving landscape of the local music scene, NOBITA takes center stage. With their tracks Ikaw Lang and Unang Sayaw currently ranking as the most streamed OPM hits in Spotify history, the alt-rock collective’s rapid rise to mainstream media is no stranger to the public. With millions of monthly listeners, NOBITA has established themselves as one of the most prominent breakthrough bands of the last two years. And that’s without releasing a studio album. But fast forward to 2023, finally, NOBITA drops their debut album BETTERFLY.

The 8-track album finds the band expressing their take on life, hope, and companionship with an affinity for hugots and vulnerable songwriting. In an exclusive interview with NYLON Manila, NOBITA dives deep into their BTS, creative process, and anticipations for the launch of their debut LP.

Nobita Betterfly

Why BETTERFLY? What is the story behind your debut album?

SAM: It’s all about our latest milestone. Following Ikaw Lang and Unang Sayaw, we stumbled upon challenges and struggles in our music career. That being said, we’re doing this as an escape. It’s like moving forward—or moving away from the negative vibes [na nangyari sa banda]. Of course, we’re not just moving forward, we’re BETTERFLY-ing.

In creating BETTERFLY, what was the creative process like?

SAM: With this, I would want to talk about a specific song, Paruparo Na Walang Hanggan. It was the last track that we created, it’s birth was a byproduct of a regular jamming session. What happened was we had this performance, and we were rehearsing our tracks. Then merienda time, Jaeson just picked up his acoustic guitar and played random chords. After the first chorus, the melody just came to life, and we had him repeat it until we collectively decided to turn it into a full-fledged song.

Were there any memorable moments from behind the scenes while working on the album?

JAESON: Syempre, pagkain. Doon talaga kami nagkakasundo.

SAM: It was tiring, it was a long process, and BETTERFLY was long overdue. The interesting part was that we were supposed to drop the debut album [noong nag] pandemic, but life happened. If there’s one thing [na masasabi ko] we’re very excited to release it.

Which tracks have a special significance to you, and why?

JAESON: Siguro sa akin, si Bukang Liwayway. Since nabuo namin yung kanta, kasagsagan yun ng ganitong panahon—bumabagyo. Para sa amin, malaki yung pinagmulan niya. Paniniwala siya sa mga sarili namin, kasi kahit nandoon ka sa pinakamababang estado mo sa buhay, paggising mo kinabukasan may bagong umaga at pag-asa.

SAM: [Para naman sa amin,] all the tracks are special [kasi] the band went through storms so we could bring them to life.

What emotions do you anticipate for listeners to experience when they are listening to the album?

SAM: If we’re being honest, we want them to feel like they’re on a rollercoaster ride—different emotions, different experiences—as long as fans can relate to the songs. The album isn’t necessarily all about love, there are tracks that speak about companionship, hope, and struggles. We believe that it’s very important that BETTERFLY embodies emotions.

BETTERFLY: Tracklist

  1. Bukang Liwayway
  2. Hay Buhay
  3. Kahit Sandali
  4. Kalagitnaan
  5. Paano Uusad
  6. Paruparo Na Walang Hanggan
  7. Totoo
  8. Sa Ulan

BETTERFLY is led by the track Paruparo Na Walang Hanggan, which is all about that instant, in-your-face love and life like never before. Imagine a wild ride with a can’t-escape-this thrill. Regardless, if you haven’t listened to the entirety of NOBITA’s new album, you’re missing out. BETTERFLY is now available on all digital music platforms worldwide, including Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Spotify.

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