SB19 x Niana - Collage by Kenneth Dimaano

What Could Niana Guerrero And SB19 Be Doing Together?

A speculation.

What do you think Niana Guerrero and SB19’s collab is going to be? Probably something that will maximize their joint slay.

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They say when you let out things to the world, they eventually become real and that you manifest your dreams and goals. When you talk about something long enough, it eventually becomes true. So, for a good chunk of fans out there, many were hoping that P-pop supergroup SB19 would finally collab with social media superstar Niana Guerrero. And it seems that the dream has finally been made a reality and manifestation scores another win as it looks like Niana Guerrero x SB19 is finally happening.


On the evening of March 9, 2022, Niana Guererro got social media talking once more, but it wasn’t for one of her dance challenges. Instead, she posted on her IG stories that she was at SB19’s dance studio, The Zone. Later in the night, Josh uploaded a TikTok video of the two of them dancing together, which left many understandably shook, especially with their foot work. Niana also posted on her IG stories a pic of her and the guys and teased that they had something special in the works.

The day was already a packed one for A’TIN with What? turning one and SLMT surpassing one million views on YouTube. News of a Niana Guerrero and SB19 collab was the sweet icing to end the day with. But what exactly are these NYLON Manila cover stars doing? Neither confirmed it exactly, but from what we’ve gathered online, we have some ideas.


The big possibility is that SB19 filmed with Niana for a vlog for her YouTube channel. Niana is no stranger to collaborating with other personalities for her popular YouTube channel such as with Deanna Wong. She posted a pic on Twitter which showed Ken, Stell, and Josh being filmed with Niana, Justin, and Pablo at the side. She captioned it, “somethin fire is comin up so stay tuned.” This could most likely be them filming for one of her YouTube videos. As to what exactly it is, we don’t know. But given that they filmed at the dance studio, the video could be Niana and SB19 doing some dance covers or, more excitingly, the boys teaching Niana some of their choreography to their songs.


Another theory that has been floated online is that they are working on something music related. Some have suggested that their collab could be related to remix or a dance cover to one of SB19’s songs. Niana has released a few singles before, so she is no stranger to making music and she’s also a queen of dance covers. Also, Niana and SB19 ere recently spotted filming dance covers at BGC which lends credence to this theory. Can you imagine a dance cover or remix between SB19 and Niana Guerrero? It might just break the internet.


A final possibility could be that Niana filmed with SB19 for one of their video content. Right now, SB19 is currently going through their School Buddies series. Is this a hint that Niana is in one of the upcoming episodes? It could also be that SB19 filmed a regular video with Niana at the studio. Regardless of what exactly they are actually going to do, we cannot wait to see this incoming serve. We can already imagine all the A-tier worthy content that this longed for collab is going to give us, from the dance moves to the TikTok videos. If you’re in the mood to celebrate, SB19 just got their own topic tab on Twitter, so feel free to share your excitement.

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