6 New Spots To Check Out For The Next Barkada Hangout

Hangout on Sat, G?

Once you have the location, boom, the hangout comes together.

“Hangout, G?” It’s a straightforward question on the surface, but one that rarely gets a response from the barkada chat. Agreeing on where to hang out is as hard as deciding to hang out at all. It’s a struggle, we know. So, to help you on your quest to see your friends outside the typical house party, we’ve rounded up some recently opened spots around the Metro that you can pitch for the next barkada meet-up. 




Following its closure for renovations, La Mesa Ecopark has finally re-opened to the public, or at least a part of it. Now under the management of the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System, the 33-hectare green space in Quezon City is ready to welcome back visitors. For phase one of its reopening, amenities such as the eco academy pavilion, museums, viewing deck pavilion, a food park, and picnic areas are open to the public. Other activities, such as the hiking trails, will be made available to visitors at a later date. Still, open green spaces in the Metro are few and far between, so it’s always nice to enjoy the fresh air and nature with your friends.


Who says playgrounds are only for kids? Superpark is the massive adult playground of our dreams and a haven for those looking to have a fun and energetic time with trampolines, slides, games, and much more. Following the opening of its first branch in the Philippines at Eastwood City last year, Superpark recently opened its second outpost at Venice Grand Canal Mall. And the best part? Superpark McKinley is even bigger with over 25 different activities waiting for you. With three main zones, Adventure Area, Game Arena, and Freestyle Hall, get ready for an adrenaline-filled hangout. 


You’ve probably seen this new immersive attraction on social media recently, and that’s for a good reason. Located at S’Maison, Space & Time Cube+ puts exploring the metaverse front and center with 20 themed attractions, exhibits, and installations that feature great use of interactive projections and displays. It’s a spectacle unlike any other that you’re IG feed wouldn’t mind being part of. 


@dylanmenor Explore the newly launched Pasig River Esplanade 🌅🚶🏻‍♂️ • • • • #pasogbigyangbuhaymuli #hiddengemph #touristspotph #esplanade #pasigriver #bagongpilipinas #manilaattractions #discoverpasig ♬ original sound – Dylan Menor

There are a lot of underrated gems when it comes to the Pasig River. For example, there’s the newly opened section of the Pasig River Esplanade. This 250-meter stretch along the river has wide walkways, commercial spaces, and bike lanes. The neo-classical style of the area adds to the rich history that surrounds the Pasig River, not to mention an interesting sight in the Metro. So, when someone asks if they can take a walk by the river, it’s no longer something that can only be done abroad. 


There’s a new museum in Intramuros, and it’s free. Located on the site of the former San Ignacio Church, Centro de Turismo Intramuros, which translates to Intramuros Tourist Center, is a museum and immersive experience that tracks the city’s historical past, present, and potential future. It gives visitors a snapshot of the stories that make up Intramuros. Fun fact, the museum is actually the revitalized and renovated version of the Museo de Intramuros, making it a must-visit if you find yourselves at the Walled City.  


A hangout at Poblacion usually consists of either bar hopping or checking out its many gastronomic options. But 5969, which sits on Fermina Street in Poblacion, gives the multi-purpose experience in one building. The first floor of this creative space is 11:11, a tattoo studio, art hub, and accessories shop all in one. You can get a tattoo or piercing, buy accessories, check out some art, and even have a tarot reading while you’re here. 

On the second floor is Modular Studios, a studio that can house shoots, video productions, workshops, and more. Across from it is Dim Dim, a Chinese-themed speakeasy perfect for those looking for a casual night out with friends. Finally, the third floor is home to The Kin House, a boutique hotel that wears its art inspirations on its walls with murals done by local artists. 

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