Nadine Lustre blonde hair style magazine cover

Here’s The Hidden Meaning Behind The Fashion In Nadine’s Covers

Nadine's been sending us a powerful message from the very beginning.

Like what Nadine says on her track Glow, “my journey’s not for you.” And all the looks on her cover exactly mirror that powerful message she’s been trying to tell us since the very beginning.

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Pure and Innocent

Nadine Lustre Nylon magazine cover style blonde

Beginning with a clean slate, Nadine shows her vulnerable side in the first two covers. Wearing a sheer ruffled top and pants, she’s aware of the fact that everyone can see through her, especially as a public figure. On the second look, Nadine is in a draped knitted dress (it was initially supposed to be part of her visual album) that hints on her past life as she found out that her soul once belonged to the realms of Atlantis.

Song From Her Album To Play: Ivory

Scorpio On The Rise

Nadine Lustre Nylon magazine cover style blonde

Shall we dance with danger? As for her third and fourth set, Nadine goes full on warrior mode (anyone else spotted the scorpion next to her in the cover?). Her silver catsuit with cutouts are almost armor-like while the sheer ruched dress conceals her body, yet still proudly shows her battle scars. Much like Rihanna’s unforgettable line at the 2014 CFDA Awards saying, “she can beat me but she cannot beat my outfit,” Nadine exudes the strength of woman despite those who try to bring her down.

Song From Her Album To Play: Glow

Her Higher Self

Nadine Lustre Nylon magazine cover style blonde

When you’ve grown to accept the circumstances that are no longer under your control, it transcends human understanding and only then can you attain your higher self. Nadine is no stranger to this concept. For her final covers, she is in glowing, iridescent clothing. Nadine is seen wearing a rhinestone-embellished bodysuit—almost like a diamond. Her “freedom” look is a hand-made resin dress with glitters and the longer you stare at it, the more it looks like tiny galaxies. Out of this world indeed.

Song From Her Album To Play: Wildest Dreams

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