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Can We Talk About Miss Grand Philippines Samantha Panlilio’s Slayage All Weekend?

Claiming it. She's a winner, baby!

Samantha Panlilio’s really out here serving us ✨ fashion ✨

Pre-pageant shoots have now become an *unofficial* part of the competition, but we aren’t really complaining because every week feels like a challenge on ANTM. There isn’t a specific theme, but those who get the most hearts and taps are the ones who explore fantasy and concepts that put a spin on Filipino culture. Meanwhile, there’s Miss Grand Philippines 2021 Samantha Panlilio, who always has the most bomb photos posted almost everyday! Sure, there are intervals in a day or two, but she’s definitely taken her pageant journey to a whole new level with her recent posts—including the breathtaking fashion and a lot of reveal moments, perhaps signaling a new trend in pageant gowns in the future and we’re here for it.

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Challenge number one: look like a goddess. Kidding aside, Samantha Panlilio looks divine on the shores, perfectly captured at golden hour. She wore a headpiece by Santino Rivera and swimsuit by Jemore Wilson.


Channeling Cher from the long, silky hair to those stunning legs, Samantha really came prepared.


Make way for the queen of the jungle! In no other than an embellished dress that’s almost like Samantha’s second skin ’cause why not?


Of course, who could ever forget her larger-than-life national costume that took inspiration from the paruparo or butterfly? The enormous bejeweled wings also lit up as she walked the stage. The hand-beaded costume suit and leg straps were designed by Louis Pangilinan while the wings and headress were created by Santino Rivera.


We’re sorry, but we can already hear Nicki Minaj purring as soon as she sees this photo of Samantha in gold chains and a back-breaking pose.


When Samantha posted this photo of her wearing a breathtaking embellished gown, we really thought it was her winning look already. Hold on everybody, this was just her preliminary evening gown. We can only wonder what her finale look would be like. The details of the dress, including its trail in a seamless reveal were made by Rian Fernandez.