This Upcoming Mental Health Summit Is Putting ‘You’ At The Center Of The Community

It's all about the community.

This Mental Health Awareness Month, Mind You Philippines is holding its National Mental Health Summit that shines a light on the power of the community.

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While the bulk of the conversation on mental health revolves around what goes on internally, a big factor that should also be taken into consideration is our environment. The community that surrounds us can have a major impact on our well-being. And that is something Mind You is looking to address with their upcoming Mental Health Summit.

Now in its third year, Mind You’s Mental Health Summit has served as an invaluable tool to help destigmatize mental health in the Philippines as well as be a safe space for people to educate and address their mental well-being. It sheds light on the state of mental health in the country and offers tangible, accessible solutions for the community. And the best part? The whole event is free to attend. Here’s what you need to know about the summit and why you may want to visit it.


In a world where community is often the cornerstone of people’s lives, Mind You’s National Mental Health Summit 2023 looks to embark on a journey to build stronger, more resilient societies. This year, the mental health organization is going with the theme of MY Kapwa, a play on Mind You’s initials and a reminder that compassion can be found within ourselves and our communities. Mind You Philippines is dedicating a whole day of events to tackling topics, including the importance of a support system, breaking mental health stigmas, and the courage to be seen, as well as overcoming stress and anxiety.

These will be addressed through group activities, panel discussions, and sessions organized by Mind You and its team of experts with the hopes of highlighting the transformative power of stories, education, and the holistic practice of well-being in shaping our mental health. More importantly, Mind You is aiming for this year’s summit to focus more on stories as they look to intertwine storytelling into the programs, making them not only more personal but hit and resonate at an even deeper level. While dealing with mental health can often feel like an isolating experience, so many people have their struggles to face. You’re not alone in this, and Mind You wants you to remember that with their summit.  


So, what exactly can you expect from Mind You’s National Mental Health Summit? A whole day has been dedicated to a variety of activities, from talks, community building, group discussions, breakout sessions, storytelling from real-life mental health advocates and lived-experience survivors, deep-dive panel discussions, and holistic mental health exercises. Specific activities to look out for include a morning wellness practice with David Webb and Meena Mahtani doing light morning yoga, breathing, and meditation at the start of the day, and a session with resilience coach Elle Lane on how to overcome stress.

So, if a day of improving and educating yourself on mental well-being sounds like an activity for you, check out Mind You’s National Mental Health Summit on October 22, 2023, at the BGC Amphitheater in Taguig City. The summit is open to the public, and admission is free. It will run from 8:00 AM-6:30 PM but you’re free to show up anytime you want. For more details on the Mental Health Summit, check out Mind You’s website.

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